Push It Real Good


OH SNAP — Which physically blessed television actor — who once sported some Lyrca swimwear for the since-canceled program — gives us a show while doing some housework?

Newlywed Josh Duhamel. Carrying a package. Which only invites “dick in a box jokes.” Okay, we’re done.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

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  • JPinWeHo

    I guess I give up! You would think you could limit these to one a day.

  • Sebbe

    Keep em’ coming.

    @JPinWeHo – Why do you read these posts. You know what it is before the jump? Where would Tina Turner be if she rolled over and said, “hit me again Ike”.

  • matt

    Really, not classy. I could go to a million other blogs for this. Don’t want to come to one of the better Queer news/political info blogs for picks of some C-List celeb hauling things around. What the heck?


    lololol this blog is really going down the gurglar

    its almost like you want it to fail or something…


  • Smokey Martini

    I really miss the old Queerty. *sigh*

  • kevin57

    I don’t get the complaints. He’s one of the hottest guys in Hollywood.

  • Eminent Victorian

    Posts like these just don’t make any sense to me–they seem like the kind of crap that Perez puts up, and I thought Queerty hated that(?)

  • jake

    Is he really supposed to be straight? Doesn’t he seem like he’s gay?

  • dgz

    okay, this isn’t my favorite topic, either, but again:
    this isn’t JUST an issue blog, or didn’t “morning goods” tip you off?

    seriously, i sympathize, but let’s let others have their fun. and if it keeps Queerty in the black, i’m all for it.

  • mosquito

    This is depressing. Stop being a tabloid Queerty. This has turned to shit. Sad part is this is probably generating more “hits” for the site and they’ll continue to do it.


  • Sebbe

    @mosquito – Sad part? That’s the good part. The more successful and stable David is with this site, the more resources he can devote to the “serious issues.” And in turn, my even lure someone who only wants to look at the eye candy into clicking a link on a more “serious” issue.

    The thing I don’t understand is all the “haters” who are the first ones to click these links and comment. If I see a topic I’m not interested in, I don’t click. It’s that simple. It is quite apparent what sort of post it is gonna be before you click the jump isn’t it?

  • Eric

    Anyone who is “owned” by a dachshund has to be good guy.

  • tallskin

    Yeah I agree with all those commentators above who say that Queerty has turned to shit before our eyes.

    Can we have the old Queerty back, please?

    Can someone please sack the empty headed ditsy airheads who have destroyed Queerty and put someone else in charge?


  • Spider_Orchid

    I think all of you should STFU and stop complaining. In case you missed it they even have celebrity news on CNN. Please STFD and enjoy the damn view.

  • Tom D Frog

    Change is never easy. Queerty is different now. Adapt! I pick and choose what to read from the site. We all have that option.

    Josh is always welcome on my screen. Doubt there is a queer out there who wouldn’t savor some one-on-one time with Mr Fergilicious.

    Now to TiVO some Las Vegas reruns.


  • tallskin

    spider orchid and tom d frog

    – the point is that queerty is now mostly trivial crap like this dumb article.

  • Sebbe

    To all the haters – if you don’t like it, then you are always free to start a new blog or frequent another site. There are a lot of choices out there.

    I also subscribe to pinknew.co.uk, they focus almost entirely on gay news (primarily with a focus on America and Europe).

    Personally, I’m happy with the mix here.

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