Put On A Cape And Save The World With Lesbian Rapper Shunda K

Shunda K is hands-down the best lesbian rapper in hip-hop today. Hell, she’s one of the best female rappers period. Not only did she make our list of 5 Homo-hop Artists You Need To Know About, but she rock her guest appearance in Peaches’ “Billionaire” and has been cranking out videos for her 2011 album The Most Wanted including her most recent, “It’s Time To Get Paid” (above).

You say you haven’t heard of her? Well today’s your lucky day!

She packs a Hulk-sized punch in her anti-bullying video for “I’m Da Best” (above) and delivers the lyrical skills in her Janelle Monae-ish tune “My Light” and the soupa-charged anthem “Here I Am To Save The World”.

She’s bold, talented, rocks a live show like it’s your birthday, and best of all… she owns it.