Putin Says Rainbow Flags OK At Olympics, Gays Not Discriminated Against In Russia

gay-russiaRussian President Vladimir Putin says that athletes who wear rainbow flags at the Sochi Olympics will not be punished under the anti-gay propaganda law. Despite the very existence of this law, Putin also claims that homosexuals are not discriminated against in his country.

“I assure you that I work with these people, I sometimes award them with state prizes or decorations for their achievements in various fields,” Putin told The Associated Press, referring to the gays. “We have absolutely normal relations, and I don’t see anything out of the ordinary here.”

A likely, and familiar, story.

See, “these people” and good ole Vlad Putin are on good, ordinary terms. Terms that preclude “these people” from being openly gay, at least in the presence of children, for fear of punishment by the government for propagandizing the youth with their “non-traditional sexual relations.”

Previously, the International Olympic Committee had been reassured by the Kremlin that athletes and spectators at the Sochi Olympics would be exempt from the law, which the Russian government immediately contradicted. Hard. Not only would everyone be subject to the law, but the IOC also reminded athletes that it doesn’t go for any of that propaganda stuff either.

Just to make sure everything went smoothly, last month Putin also banned any and all demonstrations/rallies in Sochi during the Games. Meanwhile, homophobic and transphobic violence towards Russia’s LGBT community remains unchecked, so really the lives of “these people” to which Putin’s referring are anything but ordinary.

And that whole de-gaying of Tchaikovsky thing? Putin admits that that’s one of the least savory parts of the composer’s legacy. “Truth be told, we don’t love him because of that,” he said, “but he was a great musician and we all love his music.”

And speaking of which, maybe Putin’s willing to change his tune, after all — he did offer to meet with LGBT activists…should they ever ask to see him.


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  • Polaro

    Oddly, the gays would not agree.

  • Dxley

    What a sad country to live in!

  • 2eo

    Yeah, and the Reich didn’t officially sanction the “Kristallnacht” either.

  • Mike

    What a funny pic of Putin. He looks like the Joker.

  • Fitz

    This is wonderful news is that it shows that he is feeling pressure.

  • Whup-Ass Master

    Putin is a pushy bottom. Ludmilla obviously ain’t working his stuff (hence their divorce). Will someone just rape the poor queen so the world can spin forward?

  • fredhotman

    …and the clouds are candy floss. Putin speaks with forked tongue.
    If every thing is roses why the draconian law ???

  • Bozen

    Putin is a 5’7 manlet

  • dbmyers

    Let’s take his word on this! Call Putin’s bluff. Organize to get as many athletes and spectators to carry or wear rainbow colors during the opening and closing ceremonies, the medal presentations, and all events. Get thousands of spectators, hundreds of athletes and as many countries carrying not only their country’s flag but a rainbow flag as well during the presentation of the Olympic nations during the opening ceremonies. Russians will see how the world is changing, and should Putin be lying and attempts are made to arrest spectators or athletes they will look like fools and never host an Olympic event again. Winning athletes should accept their medals with rainbow colors and should the IOC strip and rainbow clad medal winners they should be sued by the nations and athletes involved and shamed by the whole world (or most of it anyway). Medal winners should later make statements to the press about why they abhor and oppose the Russian law against universal human rights and free expression. They should also condemn the neo-Nazi and skinhead/white supremacists’ kidnapping, torture, and in some cases murder of teenage gays and or lesbians during their post victory news interviews. The whole world will be watching. Let’s make it count!

  • hephaestion

    dbmyers is 100% right. We will never have a better opportunity to give hope to the terrified gays of Russia.

    Luckily this is a WINTER Olympics. Almost all of the countries which participate in the Winter Games are pro-gay and we can get MANY of their athletes to wave a rainbow flag, or wear one, and shout “Tchaikovsky!!” as they march into the Opening Ceremony. Virtually every set of human eyes in Russia will be watching.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    “manlet” #9 Bozen, so fun.

  • CarolynHoward

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