Putin Doesn’t Hate Anybody, Not Even The Gays — Just Keep It Away From The Kids


You know how much criticism I had to listen to, but all we did on the government and legislative level, to do with limiting (gay) propaganda among minors. In the meantime we should not create a torrent of hatred towards anyone in society, including people of non-traditional sexual orientation.”

Russian President and noted hate-torrent creator Vladimir Putin defending the anti-gay propaganda law while warning against homophobia — or rather, phobia of people of non-traditional sexual orientation — ahead of the 2014 Sochi Olympics via Reuters.

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  • Volvoguy

    Can you say major boycott of Russia and the Olympic
    Games, I know my tv will on another channel.
    The hell with Putin and his bunch running that country.
    It’s amazing that Russian people keep this billionaire into the
    Kremlin, I guess you can buy any election if you got enough money,
    Romney and the Koch brothers tried it and it didn’t fair to well.

  • Red_Dragon_888

    Total Bullshit. He has to be attacked on all fronts. He want the world to think that he is all that, but his hatred speaks for itself. The attack on Gays is his finest hit, and he may feel comfortable for he thinks he has the world to back him, but to take him out of office is to show the world his crimes against other countries, the people of his country and those who stand against him.

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