Did Putin Violate His Own AntiGay Propaganda Law By Embracing Bisexual Olympic Gold Medalist?

WustRussian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t like gay men. That’s obvious. But apparently he likes bisexual women, or at least those who are Olympic medalists. In a strange twist on his own antigay policies, Putin showed up at an after-hours party for Dutch gold medalist Ireen Wüst to give her what she called “a cuddle.”

By hugging a lesbian, albeit a bisexual Olympian, wasn’t he giving lesbianism a show of support in violation of the Russian law banning homosexual propaganda? But then again, Putin would serve as judge and jury, so we suppose he’d let himself off easy.

For her part, Wüst was at the Holland Heineken House celebrating her first place finish in speedskating when Putin dropped by a few beers. Meeting Wust, he embraced her.

“I got a cuddle from him,” Wüst told Dutch national broadcaster NOS. “He congratulated me and asked if everything was OK in Russia and I congratulated him on [Russian speedskater] Olga Graf, of course, for her third place…He was happy to see me, but then he had to leave again. But I cuddled him.”

Putin would hardly be the first straight man who despises gay men but finds bisexual women attractive. As for Wüst, she seemed more star-struck than stricken at the idea that she embraced the man who has made the lives of LGBT people in Russian miserable. If anything, she was the perfect choice of Putin’s embrace.

Wüst has cast herself as an athlete who is studiously above politics. When a gay former politician in Holland noted that she could be jailed for being a lesbian in Russia and was thus obliged to speak out, Wüst said it wasn’t her place. While she said she knows the situation is hard for the Russian LGBT community, she says that Russian law is a “political thing that should be discussed by politicians. … I’m just there to skate very fast. I can’t do anything about it, and I won’t. As if a well-known Dutch person can change the situation in Russia! I’m not going to make a statement, it’s not my place to do so.”

Sounds like Putin’s kind of athlete.

Photo credit: Ireen Wüst’s Twitter account


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  • litper

    She’s a traitor, legitimizing Putin’s anti-gay terror!

  • Dev.C

    Well this just shows that Putin doesn’t have much of an issue with women. Using tattoo as Russia’s Anthem in the opening ceremony but blasting gay men to not rape children during the Olympic process. I think Putin and the rest of Russia have more of an issue with gay men, well at least non stereotypical gay men who don’t fit any of the expectations most homophobes have of us.

  • ppp111


    That’s not surprising. Rapper 50 cent was the same way a fee years ago. He clearly stated he hates gay men but finds lesbian women cool. At least physically attractive lesbians. I doubt he would get along with Rosie O’Donnell. Besides, with the exception of some African countries, most anti-gay laws are usually applicable toward men.

  • rickhfx

    Shame oh her and sense of entitlement and with no regard for human rights.

  • rickhfx

    She chose to be a zero instead of a hero.

  • Stefano

    She can continue to suck Putin if she wants, i don’t care.

  • Deepdow

    No, because although I have no proof, I highly doubt that any of the Russian media outside of Western RT (true propaganda), will even report that this Olympian is bisexual and even if they do it probably will underscore the false fact that LGBT people and the Russian government not only are conflict free, but love one another – which is nefarious if anything.
    Fuck Russia.

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