Former Colonel Denied Job For Being Herself

Putting A Human Face On ENDA

The ENDA/GENDA debate rages on in and around Washington. For those of you who still have a tough time attaching human emotions to a largely abstract debate, we suggest you watch this video from a former army Colonel, Diane Schroer. Of course, Diane wasn’t a woman at the time, but a man named David.

Ms. Schroer explains just one of her struggles:

Military colleagues, family have all been tremendously supportive. My country, which I served honorably for 25 years, has not been as tolerant or accepting. As a civilian, I applied for a job at the Library of Congress as an international terrorism analyst to advise them on our nation’s counter terrorism operations. I was selected as the top pick for the job. When I told them I would begin work as Diane, the offer was immediately rescinded. The Library of Congress wanted David for the job, not Diane.

So fucked up, dudes.