Puzzles Victim Help

We received an email today from the bartender who was working at Puzzles Lounge the night of the attack. It seems he is putting together a fund for the victims. He asked us to share his email with our readers:

Hello. My name is Phillip Daggett and I am the bartender that was working at Puzzles the night Jacob began his rampage. I was hoping that you could help me by posting something on your site. I have set up a fund for the victim’s of Jacobs attack and I was hoping that you could mention it on your site and for anybody wishing to contact me in regard to a donation can email me at puzzleslounge@yahoo.com It would be with much appreciation if you could do this for me and contact me with any questions. Thank you!

-Phillip Daggett

Feel free to contact Phillip directly. We’ll post later on anything specific the victims might need.