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  • CitizenGeek

    Wow, Meghan McCain is so ugly! She tries so hard to look edgy in almost every official photo taken of her, but she fails every single time.

  • JPinWeHo

    Caveat: I know little to nothing about McCain’s family (except perhaps, his wife) – but my gaydar is on red alert regarding the guy in the black polo and the guy in the white striped shirt.


    They are diverse, impressive and fabulous!

    “they tuck the “bad” bits away.”

    I’ll keep this statement in mind when I’m being accused of you know…

    By the way having those two McCain studs gracing the tube with their presence any given day on a report from the White House, Damn! how awesome will that be.

    McCain ★ Palin ’08

  • Rock

    The guys behind him are hot!

    Not bad, for Republicans.

  • Ston

    Gee, wonder why the daughter he had with his first wife isn’t in the picture. Nice of him to hide away the child from the family he doesn’t care about anymore.

  • ChristopherM

    I have a lot of issues with the McCains, but I don’t think Bridget is one of them. Her adoption and its story are one of the few things about the McCains that I find impressive. I think you guys are reading way too much into her positioning in that photo.

  • garynyc

    Ston(ner) You can see McCains first wife and daughter many days on the campaign trail with all the other McCains, put down the bong, take a look at reality…sorry, I know how jealous some of you guys of the McCains but it not good for your health, hate can cause eary death from the strain.

  • Ston

    GARYNYC, you said
    “Ston(ner) You can see McCains first wife and daughter many days on the campaign trail with all the other McCains, put down the bong, take a look at reality…sorry, I know how jealous some of you guys of the McCains but it not good for your health, hate can cause eary death from the strain.”

    That is actually a lie, Carol, his first wife, has not been out on the campaign with him. And Sydney is his biological daughter yet isn’t in a photo of the family, although he claims they are close, GaryNYC if you have to lie to make your point then perhaps your point is not worth making, don’t you think?

  • Gregoire

    I’d like to second that fact that GaryNYC is a great big liar.

  • Dick Mills

    If you want to talk about Drag Queen, have you seen McCain’s “MOTHER”? She is either a really coyote-ugly woman, or an almost-attractive man! If she is a real-girl, then she certainly doesn’t look like one.

  • key

    Who is trying to be a “Celebrity” now?

  • mister

    wouldn’t Sidney be the woman in the black shirt? they say he has 7 kids, which unless i forgot how to count are in the picture

  • Ston

    Damn! Mister you are right! I totally missed that! hell, I can admit when I’m wrong. My eyes totally passed right over her!

  • Lexx

    Uhhh… hello! They put her right out front. If she’d been behind like the other kids, you’d accuse McCain of trying to hide her away in the back. I’m not McCain supporter, but get real.

  • KJ

    Isn’t McCain’s mother in her 90s? Nice, Dick. I’m sure you’ll be nice and pretty, should you reach that age.

    There’s so much of substance that one could oppose regarding the candidate, that i really don’t understand focus on nonsense.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    I actually think that Queerty is Racist and Transphobic in their reading of this cover. Keep adding fuel to the funeral pyre of the snarky left (with your Crystal-meth) delusions.

    Draft Jim (FDR) Webb 2012

    The Left screwed itself this year!

  • princessjohnson

    at least bridget is featured on the left of the frame.
    we read images left to right, and when (gay or otherwise) advertisers and art directors unconsciously attempt to marginilize or minimize minority presence, they invariably and reflexively place the brown subject on the far right of the image.
    i think you all are reaching with this one.
    if the mccains (no apostrophe, please) have attempted to keep bridget out of the public eye, it’s probably only to protect her from this kind of problematic, facile scrutiny.
    try again, queerty.
    i appreciate your approach to multi-cultural issues generally.
    the decadent, crypto-racist WOW report blog has much to learn from your usually on-point approach.
    gays can and must do better!
    our revolution must be inclusive – with no room for ivory towers or childish clinging to outdated cultural privilege.
    it don’t look good on us marys!
    gays can do better!
    yes we can!
    keep hope alive

  • princessjohnson

    a drag queen’s “bits” are not necessarily “bad”.
    it’s old school glamor to tuck, but come on – penises rock
    and we need to be careful not to perpetuate negative mindsets if we want to build a better, brighter world.

  • michael

    I am afraid we are entering the decade of the white trash cunt. We will have a 1st cunt, a vice-cunt and 1st daughter-cunt, the one who says only her family knows about war. What a kick in the teeth to real women everywhere.

  • ChristopherM

    Real women everywhere find that word to be the equivalent of how you would take faggot from some gay bashers, Michael. Reducing women to their genitals is just as bad as homophobia.

  • Ricci

    McCain has good genes. Mccain was hot when he was young & those very handsome boys (esp black shirt) behind McCain are his kids.
    Everyone has their own right to vote to what appeals to them.
    -Race, gender, issues, or because McCain’s son is Hot!

  • polobear

    if your going to use your family to get votes then they are open fodder (and yes I know Obama paraded his kids out during the convention)
    we already heard the insipid statement from Megan
    I wonder if John” I’ll say anything to be pres” McCain reminds his family he is a war victim every night before he tucks them into bed like he reminds us everytime he can’t answer a question

  • Jack

    ‘Why did you adopt me?’

    ‘Maybe I did it for a little extra publicity…Tina, that’s not true! You know that’s not true!’

    ‘Maybe just a little true…’

  • Howard

    Not only is Bridget positioned below the rest of the family on the cover, but the family photo inside the magazine has the entire family sitting on a sofa or standing, with Bridget sitting on the floor at their feet. We are not “reading too much into this”. They are trying to minimize her existence and have people not “see” her.

  • retrofit71

    howard is right, it’s strategic placing. imaging the photo with bridget and the blonde genetic daughter switched.. uh-uh. aint happening. and why should it.

  • chadnnocal

    Do we have to meet the MCCains? I keep hoping I’ll wake up and it will all be a bad drem.

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