Q TV Goes Broke

Jack QTV

It didn’t sounds very encouraging when we heard that Q Television had shut down production for a week. Even though all of the shows have started up again, some staffers are still without paychecks, including those queers who host the channel’s shows.

The new CEO does some unconvincing damage control:

“This could take 3-4 weeks, but everyone will be paid and brought up to date,” read the statement. “We deeply regret any inconvenience or hardship this has caused our staff and the gay community.” Jett said the missed paychecks created financial difficulties for his young production team members. “These kids are living with mom, working off debts,” he said. “Some people were not able to pay bills or buy groceries.”

Sure we care about how the staffers go about affording food and if they can pay their bills on time. But how the hell are they going to afford their True Religion jeans, weekly replenishment of Kiehl’s and, more importantly, that monthly subscription to Gay.com.

Q TV must be held responsible for contributing to their staffers’ inability to participate in gay culture.

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