Q&A: Toronto Gays (And Allies) Sound Off On The American Presidential Race

Welcome to Word on the Street, when we ask gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trans folk and allies from around the world a topical question.

In this edition, set in the lovely city of Toronto, we asked our neighbors to the north:

What do you make of the U.S. presidential campaign?

Brian, 45
Sales Associate, Priape

“I don’t know who the good guy is. I personally want to see Obama stay. As far as Romney, he seems like another Bible-thumping ass-kissing idiot. Just be patient. With every new president there’s going to be change whether you like them or not. Protest to make things change. Some Canadians do get affected by the U.S. elections—I have friends who have partners there.”


Hannah, 25
Documentary Production Coordinator

“I think it comes across as a bit of a clown show to us: That Mitt character sure is a clown. There’s no better way to say it. We have a hard time with our own conservative government but our issues are petty in comparison to the issues Romney is presenting. Our government, for instance, wants to open a lot more prisons and everyone is concerned about mental institutions closing as a result and the crime rate going up. Whereas your guy wants to get rid of health care. Romney doesn’t care about half the country—and said it. It’s weird to hear it so bluntly.”


Jasper, 18
Gallery Receptionist

“My friends and I follow it a little bit but now that we have Mayor Rob Ford here to deal with, so our eyes have been turned away from the US. He’s been ‘borrowing’ money and not paying it back from the city. We’re more worried about him than Romney.”



Joanna, 28

“That Romney is actually in the running and people are taking him seriously is really depressing. I can’t believe there’s not an uproar [that he paid only 14% tax]. I can’t understand that at all. I think it just says something about the state of society that people are, like, ‘that’s the way it is now.'”



Taikun, 20
Art Student

“I treat it like reality TV. But part of me is horrified because we treat it like fiction but know it’s not. And the fact that Romney is being regarded like an actual alternative to Obama is terrifying in a way I guess. Basically anything that comes out of his mouth is kind of crazy.”

How about the American gays that support Romney?

“Crazy. Crazy or stupid. Or both. Or they just don’t really know what’s happening.”