Quakers To Queen Elizabeth: Let England’s Gays Get Married!

Twelve high-ranking members from the Religious Society of Friends of Truth, better known as Quakers, were recently treated to an audience with the Queen Mother, reports Gay Star News.

The Quakers beseeched the Queen with the following message:

“Our commitment to equality led us in 2009 to seek a change in the law to provide for same sex and opposite sex marriages on an equal basis. This is because of our deeply held belief that we see the light of god in everyone which leads us to respect the inherent worth of each individual and each loving relationship.

We see the recent move to allow the celebration of civil partnerships on religious premises as a step towards full equality in marriage.”

Would that the Queen had any actual political power! Perhaps she can bring it up at her weekly tea with Prime Minister David Cameron? Of course, Cameron already supports marriage equality and has been moving forward plans to make it the law of the land.