Quantitative Analysis Of Heterosexual Men Scared Of Sexual Advances From Homosexual Men

Let’s be honest: Missing from this pie chart is that one tiny sliver of hot straight guys who I would still make a sport out of flipping. BECAUSE I’M A PREDATOR, BWAHAHAHA.

As Davey Wavey says: “The straighter they are, the harder they fall.”


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  • McMike

    The chart is almost right on the money since the guys who are the most outspoken homophobes, the ones who love to declare how they would never have sex with another man, are the ones whom no guy would ever want to fool around with. I firmly believe there is a direct connection between a man’s outspoken homophobia and his fugliness. My only guess would be it’s better for him to reject first than to be rejected once again.

  • TheRealAdam

    The unfortunate reality in this matter is that straight men often expect you to hit on them and be attracted to them just because you’re gay, and especially if you are a very attractive gay man. Plenty of them secretly like and want the attention, but to uphold appearances, they’ll never admit to it.

  • Oh Boy

    This is SO true!!! It is always the ugliest straight men who are so scared of getting hit on by a gay guy. It is like – dude- don’t kid yourself. You don’t have a prayer of anyone hitting on you.

  • Kev C

    Many hetero men are simply too stupid to know they’re stupid. It’s a Catch 22 situation.

  • pradeep

    I’m a straight guy whose best friend is gay and I remember being surprised and/or slightly offended when we were teenagers and he came out to me and immediately followed it with “but i’m not attracted to you.”

    (I can’t believe I’m admitting this. thank god for internet anonymity!)

  • JM

    @pradeep: Haha… I came out to a few friends of mine at uni a couple of months ago at the campus pub. Surprised looks, all around. Then one of them spent 10 minutes and 3 cigarettes trying to figure out if I was into him, and wasn’t very subtle about it. For the sake of his male ego (gay or straight, its still fragile :) ), I tried to let him down gently. From your post, it seems like I did the right thing =P

    As for the graph… saved. I’ll be the first gay I know to start coming out to folks with a powerpoint presentation, just so I have an excuse to use that picture!

  • Franky

    Saw this on reddit yesterday. I think there’s only one guy that I came out to that said something like that to me that actually fit into the pink category. All of the other ones I had known for long enough that they and/or were comfortable enough to know that I wasn’t about to hit on them since they were straight.

  • Francis

    This graph is just too true.

  • Jay

    Aw I always argue the same! Stupid “Straight acting guys”…I like my men gay. It takes more balls to be a “queeny” guy.

  • LadyGirl

    When my boyfriend found out my best friend is gay, he’s like ‘That’s going to be so weird when he hits on me!’

    Sorry sweetie. He ain’t hittin on you. Most straight guys need a reality check. They smell of straightness/homophobia from a mile away and no gay guy in their right mind would hit on you. Let alone a girl. LOL jk. Kinda.

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