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Queen drummer on Freddie Mercury’s sexuality: “He felt great confusion”

Late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury singing into a microphone

[Bohemenian Rhapsody] portrayed the sense of agony Freddie felt as an immigrant and as a minority, as a gay man. You were very close to Freddie when he was alive. Did you witness that agony and how he dealt with being a minority?

Yes, I think he had a dichotomy. In those days, things were very different and everything was hidden. I think he felt great confusion. He had some very good looking girlfriends because he had a very nice way about him, so yeah, he was very conflicted and I think that’s very accurate in the movie.

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Do you think the movie provides people with a way to consider the troubles minorities face in society?

I think so many people are in a minority of some kind, and I hope it resonates with them and gain some strength from it. There are too many borders and walls and cultural restrictions and I don’t believe in any of that, I think we should think freely and everyone is different.”— Queen drummer Roger Taylor in an interview with NHK.