Queen Elizabeth Acknowledges Gay People For First Time

killer-queensCan you believe that somehow the Queen of England has never said anything publicly about gay and lesbian people? Yes, that’s right. The monarch of a country where just about everyone seems pretty gay anyway has only just now acknowledged that we exist.

And why now? Because it’s the 40th anniversary of the formation of the Gay and Lesbian Switchboard, a British nonprofit that offers support to LGBTs by phone. It’s the oldest British LGBT charity still in existence. Queen Elizabeth issued a statement of congratulation to the group, the first time she’s ever had anything to say about a gay charity.

Elizabeth joins the Prime Minister and Mayor of London in marking the occasion.

This comes as England experiences some tumult over LGBTs and royalty. The country is set to legalize the freedom to marry at the end of the month, and the government has had to re-write numerous laws regarding kings and queens. Men are now barred from becoming Queen, alas. Looks like we’ll have to content ourselves with one Queen at a time.

Meanwhile, the media is gearing up for a huge celebration when marriages begin. Stephen Fry will officiate the first televised wedding ceremony on Channel 4 on March 29.