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Queen Latifah Is, At Last, In On The Lesbian ‘Rumor’ Joke

“This next performer is only seen in the company of fine women, just like me!” said Queen Latifah Sunday night, introducing Diddy at the BET Awards. It was perhaps the closest the actress-singer-CoverGirl has coming to acknowledging the obvious, without going all the way. Or maybe it was nothing; Latifah was in character, as her lesbian character Cleo from the 1996 film Set It Off,when she said it. And while it’ll never be confused with an official “I’M A LEZ” People cover story, it is nice to see she’s finally having just as much fun discussing her love life as we are.

And besides, the real story from the BET Awards is watching Chris Brown break down while performing a Michael Jackson medley. I ain’t buyin’.

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  • s_b

    Why exactly does Chris Brown still have a career after beating the shit out of Rihanna?

  • Ryan


    Rihanna is annoying. Can you blame the guy? He was probably upset with her garbage music and ugly outfits.

  • nikko

    He’s crying BECAUSE he doesn’t have a carreer anymore, not because he misses MJ!!!!

  • j

    @Ryan: Ugh, really? Who raises these kinds of people??

  • j

    @j: PS: Your mom is probably kinda annoying and wears ugly outfits, we’re not asking chris brown to go over to her house and beat the fukk out of her, are we?


    Queen Latifah Gay?? What, next you’re probably gonna be telling me Oprah is Gay………..oh, wait….. :-p

  • jason

    The BET awards are homophobic, just like black culture itself. It’s beyond belief that Queen Latifah would be sharing the stage with this collection of heteronormative, homophobic sleazeballs.

    It’s a shame that BET is allowed to get away with its transparent homophobia.

  • jason

    I doubt that BET honored even one single black male homosexual. Not surprising, frankly.

  • Samwise

    I think she meant something like, “He is often seen in the company of fine women like me (myself being a fine woman).” At least that’s how I’d interpret it because I’m bitter and cynical and don’t think she’ll ever come out. Also, BET took the video down, so I can’t hear her vocal inflection.

    But maybe you’re right. Maybe she is kind of inching out of the closet. I know Ellen made a bunch of jokes about being Lebanese before she came out. We can only hope Queen Latifah’s doing something similar.

  • Eric Dose

    T.I. is one delicious man

  • dellisonly

    @j: Conservative christian right wing republican straight white american biggots

  • Jy

    @s_b: Because you’re still alive.

  • brihova

    Why does Sean Penn still have a career after beating Madonna? Why does Charlie Sheen still have a career after numerous trangressions? Gee I wonder why……..

  • s_b

    @Jy: What on earth does that even mean?

  • jason

    The reason Chris Brown still has a career is because blacks give a pass to anyone who’s black regardless of their crimes and overall behavior. It’s a form of racial political correctness.

  • rrr

    @jason: They honored Michael Jackson. Whatever he was into sexually in terms of age, nobody but his very craziest fans believe he was sexually interested in females.

    They honor black gay men. They may not necessarily be officially OUT gay men, but the lesbians like Latifah aren’t officially out either.


    @rrr: I was too interested in females!!!! As long as they had a penis!!!

  • OrchidIslander

    @jason: Ahhh Jason, your continual race-based attempts to cause ire and discord is laughable. I’m beginning to feel sorry for you. No matter how hard you try, no one rises to the race-bait, as it were, and engages in a war of words with you. It must be pretty frustrating to be so transparent, so insignificant and so impotent that pretty much no one cares what you say; and no one certainly cares enough to respond in the fashion that you so desperately want. Keeping trying though, even the Little Train eventually could…

  • jason

    The black community is one of the most homophobic classes of people you could find anywhere in the world. I say that without a shadow of a doubt. Polls have shown time and again that blacks are heteronormative, paranoid, and hostile to anything that doesn’t align with male heterosexual fantasy.

    Black women are terribly submissive. I’ve never seen a black feminist of note, and nor have I seen a black female leader of the GLBT movement.

  • Yet Another

    I love watching the BET awards. They’re really really awful. LoL. But the performances usually give you something to talk about.

    Chris Brown’s performance was epic. It was by far the best Michael Jackson tribute to date. It’s the one I’ve been waiting for since the funeral. His break down could have been theatrical. But you also have to consider the fact Chris has been black-balled for a year. This was his first performance on BET and the one he was literally begging to do since Michael died. I think it could have been genuinely inspired, at least.

    Meanwhile, they honored Prince. A once sexually liberated “gender-neutral” artist who ended up being far more conservative than first thought. Nicki Minaj, a sometimes self identified bisexual won awards and performed 3 times.

    Kanye West, another previously black balled artist, and supporter of gay rights despite some inherantly homophobic lyrics in previous works, gave a dramatic opening performance as well.

    Eminem, also recently vocal in support of gay marriage despite previous homophobia, performed as well.

    Undisputed Reigning Gay-Fave Pop Queens Beyonce and Lady Gaga won Best Video for Video Phone.

  • OrchidIslander

    @jason: ROFLMAO!! So exactly what polls have shown blacks to be amongst other adjectives: paranoid, and hostile? Exactly who administered those polls? And who were the respondents? Stormfront? David Duke? The new All-White Basketball League? I’m black and to my way of thinking,the amount of homophobia found among black people is depressing and tired. But, most of my friends who happen to be white, Latino, Asian and Hawaiian pretty much feel the very same way about their race-associated group members. Its like when black men are tagged with the down low. However, just about every married and closeted politician or celebrity who has been caught playing hide the banana has been white. As far as black women being submissive, you’re mixing your stereotypes. Asian women are supposed to be submissive. Black women are scary and overly aggressive. If you’re going to spew your biases; at least get them right. If you’ve never seen black women taking up gay issues in a leadership capacity, it’s because you haven’t looked very hard. In fact, I’m willing to bet you haven’t looked much beyond the white, gay male community.

  • jeffree

    Queerty is asleep at the switch. i have 5 comments sent to be moderated over the last which were and never posted & yet Jason’s racist rants & SophiaLiaang’s posts get thru a spàmzkfillter.

    Enemies win, allies get left in the mud!

    Time to rethink your busy-ness model…..

  • anonymous

    @Ryan: first of all u DUMBASS idc how much he didn’t like whatever it is about rihanna, he had no right to HIT HER, let alone beat her. his fuckin daddy should’ve taught his faggot azz better then maybe he’d be worth somethin.

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