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Queen Latifah Is, At Last, In On The Lesbian ‘Rumor’ Joke

“This next performer is only seen in the company of fine women, just like me!” said Queen Latifah Sunday night, introducing Diddy at the BET Awards. It was perhaps the closest the actress-singer-CoverGirl has coming to acknowledging the obvious, without going all the way. Or maybe it was nothing; Latifah was in character, as her lesbian character Cleo from the 1996 film Set It Off,when she said it. And while it’ll never be confused with an official “I’M A LEZ” People cover story, it is nice to see she’s finally having just as much fun discussing her love life as we are.

And besides, the real story from the BET Awards is watching Chris Brown break down while performing a Michael Jackson medley. I ain’t buyin’.