Queen Latifah Is Making Out With A Woman On The Beach

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 10.26.51 AMQueen Latifah is either out or still closeted, depending on which way the wind is blowing and which gossip magazine you’re reading.

Gawker once described her as “liv[ing] right on the precipice of coming out” — despite never having come out officially, she has pretty much unofficially come out on more than one five occasions.

Most recently, she missed a huge opportunity to come out in brilliant fashion while officiating a mass wedding that included several same-sex couples at the Grammys.

This week, the daytime talk queen was photographed with a presumed romantic partner (dare we say girlfriend?) while on vacation in Sardinia. We presume they’re romantic partners because, well, they’re very obviously holding hands and making out on the beach.

Mainstream media has been careful to report this as “friend zone” activity, but we know better than that. But the most important thing to note here is how adorable and visibly happy these two are together.

We wish them the best of luck!

Check out more photos of the romantic encounter over at Just Jared.

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  • Desert Boy

    Jody Foster, Ellen Degenerous, Anderson Cooper, all feared how coming out would impact their lucrative careers. Once they decided to live an authentic life, it turned out not to make a lick of difference.

  • jjohnson1032

    @Desert Boy: Unfortunately african-americans aren’t as accepting yet of the gay community as our white counterparts. I know a lot of people who refuse to listen to Frank Ocean because he came out as bisexual, they call him that gay singer.

  • Lefty

    “An authetic life”? I’m sorry but that’s hilarious.
    If you’re ever feeling low, have a read of the self-righteous guff that people spout online about gay celebrities in the closet; it’ll cheer you right up.
    Queen Latifah seems to be enjoying her highly successful life just fine.

    “Of course, black peoples aren’t as accepting as us oh-so-perfect and in-no-way bigoted whites!”

  • Black Pegasus

    Has the “closet” been redefined over the years? From all of the photos we’ve seen of Queen Latifah with women, I fail to see this so called “closet” the gay media insists she must exit. She’s living more courageously than most people I know – that includes myself.

    Let her live her life. She doesn’t owe anyone an explanation about who she sleeps with.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Lefty: F.U. Not all white people are bigots and just being black doesn’t automatically make you accepting of everyone and free of prejudice. You r*cist schmuck.

  • lykeitiz

    All anyone needs to do is look at the exit polls for any state where gay marriage has been put on the ballet. The black community as a whole are NOT on board.

  • SportGuy

    Adorable picture!! I really like her and hope the two of them are happy together!!

  • Lefty

    @DarkZephyr: You’ll have to point out where I said either of those things were true, dear.

  • tdh1980

    @lykeitiz: That myth was largely debunked, but nice try.

    None of us know for certain why Queen Latifah has not officially gone on record as a lesbian, but assuming that “black homophobia” is the major reason only seeks to perpetuate the destructive, divisive myth that the black community is by and large more intolerant of homosexuality than any other, which is simply not true.

  • jd2222248

    @jjohnson1032: you said it……….so true! One day she will come out and be a pioneer like Michael Sam. One Day! :-)

  • xzall

    Is it a coincidence that she’s so open now just after the rumor reported by Page6 that her show is about to be cancelled? Reminds me of when Anderson Cooper came out just around the time his talk show was doing poorly. I think those shows only work if you’re truly authentic and not trying to hide parts of yourself which is why Ellen’s show is so successful.

  • Lefty

    @xzall: But who watches chat shows for “authenticity”? It’s always an extremely wealthy celebrity chatting to other extremely wealthy celebrities who talk about a narrow range of superficial topics in order to sell a specific product (movies, books, TV shows, themselves).

    And this isn’t the first time she’s been so “open”. She’s been photographed many times before with girlfriends.

  • ChiChi Man

    @jjohnson1032: As an out and proud African American male, I’m sick to death of clueless white people telling me that my community is less accepting than theirs. That has never been my experience. My family has always been accepting and I’ve had to deal with more blatant and lasting homophobia (and racism of course) from whites than any other (American) group.

  • Xzamilio

    @DarkZephyr: Before you try to read somebody, actually READ what they said.

  • asa1973

    @Desert Boy: Ugh. What I hate about this comment (and most of the other ones) more than anything is that it doesn’t mention: Michael Sam, Jason Collins, Frank Ocean, Ricky Martin, Wanda Sykes, Robin Roberts, B.D. Wong, Maulik Pancholy,Darren Young, George Takei, Laverne Cox, OR any of the other countless non-white celebrities who have come out.

    I am pretty sick of being told to look at only white celebrities who were brave enough to come out. I’m also pretty sick of hearing people blame the black community for why black celebrities haven’t come out. There could be countless other reasons. Jodi Foster basically had to be dragged out, and she did it begrudgingly. Same with Lily Tomlin. Nobody said anything about white people’s homophobia – which does exist – or homophobia of women over 40, or whatever other demographic they belonged to. Maybe Queen Latifah just isn’t ready. Stop blaming black folks for that. And also give props to the people of color who have come out and who ARE getting a lot of support from people of all shades…

  • Cam

    “”Mainstream media has been careful to report this as “friend zone” activity,””

    And that right there is one of the problems. The mainstream media still treats being gay as something shameful to be hidden.

    I’m sorry but if Queen Latifa is out in public holding hands and kissing her girlfriend, then it is pretty much an insult to her and her girlfriend to report that they are “Friends”.

  • robho3

    Leave the poor woman alone… let her live her life the way she wants—-private!

  • Cam


    Yes, because having a talk show and being an entertainer, and kissing her girlfriend in public is completely “Private” isn’t it?

  • xzall

    @Lefty: While the wealthy part is true, the topics discussed aren’t necessarily that. Oprah discussed everything from her history of abuse, being raped to her battle with her weight. This was one of the reasons she was so popular. The audience senses if you’re being fake and hiding something about yourself. That caught both Anderson Cooper and Queen Latifah.

    And I distinctly recall Queen Latifah putting everyone in their place after the Gay Pride parade incident, and telling them she was not coming out. That does not sound like someone who was exactly open. She was closeted. I’ve seen many shocked tweets today saying they had no idea she was a lesbian so it’s pretty obvious she was closeted to a lot of her fans and general public.

  • SteveDenver

    It would be wonderful if all gays and lesbians — celebrities or not — came out in order to positively impact the world around them, even if they might endure some heat on a personal level. But that’s not the situation. AND the world is still wonderful so much of the time.

    Here’s to Dana’s life and loves. May she someday be so overwhelmed with the beauty of love in her life that she just can’t suppress it any longer!

  • asa1973

    @SteveDenver: Well said.

  • Masc Pride

    LOL @DarkZephyr showing his hypersensitive colors yet again!

    Have to agree with @Black Pegasus on this. I’ve seen pictures of her publicly engaged in lady love before. She’s doesn’t seem to be suppressing anything. She’s just using the Lindsay Lohan Method: Do as you please and let everyone figure it out. This “method” is becoming the norm now that bi/gay are kind of norms. Do straight people announce their heterosexuality? Nope. At this point, I really think the whole dramatic “coming out” moment is rather passe and self-serving anyway.

  • Cam

    @Masc Pride: said….. “Do straight people announce their heterosexuality? Nope.”

    Actually they do. Every time Jennifer Anniston says who she is dating, or Tom Cruise jumps on a couch talking about his engagement. Or Brad Pitt announces that they are having another baby etc…

  • Tackle

    @DarkZephyr: Thanks for showing your TRUE “colors”. I’ve always had my suspicions about you, despite your proclamations that your significant other is ,as you say, half Black. Which doesn’t mean sh!t ! Beause
    Danold Stearling’s b! tch (because she’s no lady) is half Black to. And we know how he is.

    And read first before posting your ignorance. I can switch that and say, ” being White doesn’t automatically make you accepting of everyone and free of prejudice. And not all Black people are [email protected]
    Right! You [email protected] schmuck YOU!

  • Masc Pride

    @Cam: No, that’s simply talking about who they’re dating. That’s very different from “Hey America, I’m straight”. As usual, your analogy misses the mark! Lindsay Lohan and Queen Latifah both kind of did/are doing what you’re saying Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt do. No need for a self-serving announcement, just live your life. People see a woman out on the beach holding hands and smooching another woman, they tend to figure it out. lol

  • Tackle

    @ChiChi Man: Good point. I’ve had the same experience as you.@asa1973: Well said. Couldn’t agree more.

    You can always tell who the foolish [email protected] are. One story about a Black person, becomes the whole Black community.

  • Masc Pride

    @ChiChi Man: Why are you ASSuming @jjohnson1032 is one of those “clueless white people”? From the way his comment reads, it seems he’s African-American. If his comment was [email protected], so was yours.

  • Merv

    Wild guess, but I’m going to say she’s waiting for her parents to die… unless they’re already dead, in which case my guess will seem pretty stupid.

  • booradley1960

    Prejudice is in every ethnic, culture, and socioeconomic background. It is not exclusive to one. What I see here is a failure of the gay community to accept things at face value rather than what “they” would like the decision or answer to be. It doesn’t matter what Queen Latfia’s decision is because it’s hers and only hers to make. We don’t walk in her shoes and we have no right to judge her for those decisions.

  • james_in_cambridge

    @ChiChi Man: Trying to fight the ignorant and stupid on Queerty is a losing proposition ChiChi.

  • Blackceo

    @jjohnson1032: In my experience I have found this to mostly be true with Black people. Much of it has to do with economics and religious affiliation. Based on the % sample of the country, Blacks fall more on the lower economic side; therefore lower educated and less exposure. Poorer people also tend to be more religious and the Black church has historically preached negativity about homosexuality. Not all, but many. Then there is culture.

    As a Black and Latino man myself, I heard very much growing up about portraying “machismo”. There is also a certain image that Black culture reinforces on its Black men; that you have to be hard and tough. I know that ideal is often reinforced for men in general, regardless of race, bit it seems like in the Black community, the idea of the Black male in particular as not being “soft” by any means reinforces an anti-gay attitude. The more educated, higher income Blacks I associate with are very accepting of homosexuality, minus the few I have mingled with who follow religious attitudes about homosexuality.

    I don’t believe in organized religion. I think it’s the biggest scam in the world meant to keep,the sheep in line. I am spiritual and believe in a higher power, but I just can’t get with organized religion. So I think all those factors go into why there is more homophobia in the Black community. When I was in secondary school and went to University, I was more accepted by my White counterparts than my Black ones. Exposure is also key. People who don’t travel and see different parts of the country and the world tend to be more closed minded. People who don’t have money can’t do that. It is better than it was, but still a long way to go. But let’s not put the blame on the Black community. White, heterosexual, Christian men are still mostly running shit and setting policy so that’s where people need to put most of the blame. .

  • Mr C

    Blackceo please learn not to generalize!

  • Tackle

    @Mr C: Thank you!

    And their experience is very limited, and it’s obvious they do not know anything about economics and poverty, as it pertains to race/ethnicity. If they did, they would not have printed such BS.

    According to the New York times, (not controlled or owned by Blacks)in dealing with government benefits: Blacks comprise of 22% of the poor, but only take in 14% of government benefits. Whites make up 44% of the poor, and take in 69% of government benefits. This has to do with Whites being over 73% of the US population, and Blacks comprising only 14%.

    And the US tells us that 24% of Blacks live below the poverty level.
    And as a numerical whole, 48% of Americans living below the poverty level are White.

    And the idea that there is more homophobia in the so-called Black community is unproven, and unprovable. And after getting the the numbers wrong on Blacks and poverty, it doesn’t surprise me they would have a limited view of what homophobia is, and who it manifested.
    Homophobia goes deeper then just disapproving of someone being LGBTQ.
    It goes into and are part of someone being,
    murdered, bashed, denied a job, promotion, housing, rent, unlawful arrest& detainment
    and many, many types of harassment, that no-one can prove that Blacks commit the majority of. Ironically, the very people who make the claim about more homophobia in the Black community are in fact guilty of spreading lies and contributing to [email protected] towards Blacks by some in the White LGBTQ community.

    And the biggest culprit in keeping people in the closet is RELIGION.
    Plain and simple. And at 14% of the US population, vs 73%: I doubt if Blacks are the majority, going, contributing and believing…

  • Cam

    @Masc Pride: said…

    “@Cam: No, that’s simply talking about who they’re dating. That’s very different from “Hey America, I’m straight”. As usual, your analogy misses the mark!”

    Nice try, you were claiming that them coming out was different because straight people didn’t come out. Then you tried to pretend that we were talking about two different things.

    Queen Latifa talking about who she is dating is no different than Jennifer Anniston talking about who she is dating. But as we have seen before, you seem to still have a few issues with being gay so I can see why it would be so traumatizing for you.

  • Blackceo

    @Mr C: Ummm…l didn’t generalize and people need to stop throwing that in as an argument piece when they disagree about something said about a group of people, and not back it up with anything else. In my personal experience and from research articles I’ve read, there is that link between income, education, religion, and thoughts on homosexuality. It doesn’t mean that all poor church going Blacks don’t accept it. It doesn’t mean all high income educated Blacks do. But there’s enough empirical evidence that exists to say there is a correlation based on various socioeconomic factors.

    Anyway……I’ve made such a U-turn from what this thread is even about. Get it Queen Latifah!!! It’s pretty much been an open “secret” for years and she is under no obligation to say anything or clarify anything. Stay in your lane and mind your business.

  • Masc Pride

    @Cam: As usual, you haven’t let your misunderstanding deter you from bitching. I didn’t say Queen Latifah talking about who she’s dating is any different from Jennifer Aniston doing the same. Had you actually bothered to comprehend my original post, you would’ve understood I’m actually in favor of the way both Queen Latifah and Lindsay Lohan chose to handle publicly addressing their sexuality. Scroll up and read it again real slow, maybe even aloud.

    Your posts are typically FLOODED with inferiority issues, so you should certainly be the last one trying to diagnose someone else. Working on your own issues should be more than enough to keep you busy.

    @ChiChi Man: Is Blackceo white and clueless too?? Seems you guys have a little in-house problem here. How about you worry about that instead of obsessing over “clueless white people”?

  • ChiChi Man

    @Masc Pride: You have nothing to say – no facts, proof, no logic. Just the smell of deep rejection creating a need to slam a community you know nothing about. When you find a point of view not based on prejudice, I’ll engage with you.

    Thanks Tackle for adding statistics and as asa1973 for adding some cold hard examples. Where are the out white athletes? Robbie Rogers came out and immediately resigned. He only came back AFTER Jason Collins came out. But no one claims that Robbie Rogers had trouble coming out because the white community is more homophobic. And depending on what polls you look at, Whites are behind Latinos and neck-and-neck with Blacks.

    Queen Latifah has her “reasons” for being in the closet – just like Jodie Foster had hers. And race has nothing to do with it.

  • Masc Pride

    @ChiChi Man: 1) You’ve already engaged me by replying.

    2) You don’t have an answer because you feel stupid now that you’ve realized jjohnson1032 and Blackceo are black, not the “clueless white people” you wanted them to be. :)

    3) Doesn’t seem like Queen Latifah’s “in the closet” by looking at this picture of her out in public kissing and holding hands with another woman. Maybe she hasn’t come out the way YOU feel she should, but that doesn’t mean she’s “in the closet”.

  • Cam

    @Masc Pride: said…

    “@Cam: As usual, you haven’t let your misunderstanding deter you from bitching. I didn’t say Queen Latifah talking about who she’s dating is any different from Jennifer Aniston doing the same”


    No, what you claimed was that coming out was akin to screaming “Hey America I’m straight” which is different than Jennifer Aniston talking about her boyfriend.

    Then I pointed out the absurdity of what you said, and now you claim “Oh gee, that isn’t what I really meant”.

  • Masc Pride

    @Cam: So it’s my fault that you misunderstood lol. Why don’t you just admit you made a mistake instead of trying to create a problem to bitch about? I clearly said there’s not much of a need to announce sexuality anymore. Talking about who you’re dating and announcing orientation are two different things (as I pointed out with Lindsay Lohan). Did she ever formally announce she was bi or lesbian? No. Did she openly date a woman? Yes. Things have changed, and the ways people go about handling these things has changed as well. Both LiLo and QL are truly living their lives in a way where their sexuality isn’t a big deal. Welcome to 2014! Scroll back up and reread our conversation so you can see where you went wrong. I don’t backtrack on opinions just because someone disagrees with me. If I was actually stating whatever you’re trying to twist my words to mean, I would stand by it.

  • Lvng1tor

    While I think that it would be awesome for her to be an “out” celebrity I don’t think it’s anyone’s business unless she comes out to say “I’m straight and I could never be with a woman because gay is wrong.”

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