Queen Latifah Walks Into To A Gay Bar And…

381px-QueenlatifahperformingQueen Latifah and a sizable posse rolled up to a Miami gay club Twist last week, partying until the wee hours of  the night.

According to The Daily News, Latifah even “came out of the shadows” (how’s that for a metaphor) and joined a drag queen on stage unexpectedly. After ‘tifah gave the performer a big smooch, the gay boys went wild with applause.

We called the Twist for more info, but the staffer we talked to didn’t even know she’d stopped by.

“Bitch didn’t call me!” he quipped.

We tried to get some photos, but our source was not havin’ it: “It’s one thing if it’s an up-and-coming celebrity,” our source said. “but Queen Latifah’s privacy is worth any amount of dollars.”

And we were schooled on speculating about her sexuality. “That’s a lot of people wasting their time thinking about stupid shit,” the sassy sir said. Who is this queen and can we party with her next time we’re in Miami?

Anyway, who knows why Latifah was there. Maybe she was just finding guests for her forthcoming talk show?

Photo: forcefulally

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  • Maurice

    Ummm, she came out a while ago with her partner.

  • j

    Mindless gay guys high on ecstasy cheering on a female closet case reported as news

  • Greenluv1322

    @Maurice: No, that’s not true. Matter of fact she no longer uses Jeanette as her “trainer” anymore. Queen Latifah ain’t never coming out the closet. I mean really we saw pics of her embracing, kissing, and palming Jeanette Jenkins ass and….crickets. She is a religious nut, so…

  • mike

    I also don’t think gay bars help the gay rights cause. They segregate us, thus making us less influential in the mainstream. We belong in the mainstream, not some separated joint.

    If I had the power, I’d ban all gay bars. It would force gay guys into the mainstream, which is a good thing.

  • really

    …and drunk, tired queens demanded she do a tacky, tired People magazine out cover that would do nothing for us since her orientation is common knowledge..LOL

  • MikeE

    @mike: well isn’t it good that you AREN’T in power, eh?

  • Cam

    @really: said…

    “…and drunk, tired queens demanded she do a tacky, tired People magazine out cover that would do nothing for us since her orientation is common knowledge..LOL”

    Oh yes, Ellen DeGeneres, Neil Patrick Harris etc… coming out did NOTHING for gays now did it? (Eye Roll).

    I love the contortions that the defenders of the closet have to go through to defend their little celeb closet case crushes have to go through to defend their cowardice.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @MikeE: Amen Mike, from another Mike!

  • Marcus

    I have a theory about the Queen and gays like her.I think black gays like Don and Wanda who come out publicly to so only because they are pretty white washed .I think black gays who are proud to be black and don’t want to trash other black people stay in the glass closet.Wanda and Don have been talking very crazy about black people since they came out.

  • Greenluv1322

    @Marcus: You sir, are an idiot. You might as well say being gay is a white man condition. Wanda & Don have been very vocal about their particular experiences. Neither one of them has ever denigrated “black” people as a group. You can’t discount their stories because you think it makes “black” people look.

  • Agree with Marcus

    Wandas standing in the black community is near nil since she came out with that dumb theory that gays have it harder than ethnic minorities. As if discrimination is measurable, as if the pain of exclusion could be calibrated, as if ranking those experiences isnt so divisive and as to defeat any cause for equality.

    As for Latifah, its common knowledge how she swings. I’ve even heard an urban radio station mention that shes happily dating that lady whos name I forget in the most casual manner before playing one of her songs. She doesnt issue denials or threaten to sue. Everything else is pointless detail.

  • Mike

    I knew girlfriend was gay ever since I saw Set It Off. I mean, come on now…

  • Oh Dear (John From England)


    But who are they helping being in the closet? Those kids abused by pastors? That small black boy shot by his dad because he was camp? Women talking nasty about gays and the down low? So many black men who go on the down low risking unhealthy sexual behavior? Young kids who are killing themselves!

    Selfish ass.

  • RomanHans

    It’s physically impossible to be a worse hypocrite than Latifah. She has NEVER come out, and in fact has denied being a lesbian. In yesterday’s USA Weekend magazine she’s pictured under the headline, “Queen Latifah: Her Secret? Celebrate Who You are,” echoing the bullshit she’s been spouting since her book, “Put On Your Crown.”

    “[T]hings are good for Queen Latifah,” USA Weekend says. “[She] unwittingly shares what she believes is the secret for her success. ‘From the time I really accepted myself, everything got brighter.'”

    Not one word about a girlfriend, or boyfriend. No, just be yourself! Of course, if “yourself” is a lesbian, shut the fuck up about it. And everything will be great!

    By far the stupidest female celebrity alive today.

  • Lucifer

    @mike: Mike that as so funny.

  • Isaac C

    @Marcus: Well, it’s common knowledge how homophobic the black community is, and how they don’t even acknowledge homosexuality. Some blacks choose to identify with the culture of self-hate and self-denial in the Afro-American community, while others like Wanda 1)come out, first of all, and 2) speak out against the idea that blacks have it harder than minority x, y, and z. You know blacks always like to feel they suffer the most in everything, so Wanda has not won any fans among Negroes because of those two reasons.

  • mark snyder

    @mike: In many places, like rural Pennsylvania where I am from – the gay bar is the one place where people find suport and community. Every oppressed group needs their own spaces to recharge their batteries so to speak.

  • txstevo

    You sound like an idiot

  • Cam


    Amen! She sings songs about being strong and true to yourself, and is a closeted coward.

  • Isaac C

    @Cam: How is she a coward if she has been seen with her girlfriend and isn’t living a closeted lie of a life?

  • The Artist

    Don’t mess with the Queen, QUEENS! PEACELUBNBWILD!

  • Kylew

    @RomanHans: Being true to yourself and accepting who you are is NOT the same as broadcasting that fact to the world. Nobody else has the right to know Latifah’s sexuality, and she has no obligation to share it with them. She’s a musician and I guess something of an icon for black female power – she is not, nor does she also need to be the poster child for black homosexual rights – if indeed she is gay at all.

    I don’t know where people come off telling other people how they should run their private lives. So long as she is not hurting anyone, it’s really none of our business – and before anyone says it – no, keeping her sexuality private is not a reasonable argument of hurting people, unless you can all be held equally accountable for not walking down the street wearing “I’m a fag” badges.

  • ChrisC

    It’s this Gay on Gay hate that is holding us back. No wonder African Americans got their rights quickly. The Civil Rights movement started in the 1950s and by the 1970s they had all their rights. Was there widespread acceptance? No. But they still got their rights. Gays however have been fighting since the 60s and we have still yet to get our rights. Maybe because of all this hate and not sticking together? Some Blacks even defended OJ Simpson even though it was clear he was guilty as sin. Did this semi-unshakable standing behind eachother always win Blacks love from Whites? No, it got frequent annoyance. But they still have their rigths. It’s time we start sticking together. Blacks only have eachother in one group, their own race, we have eachother in every race, religion, nationality – everything, but yet once again, we still haven’t got our rights. Racist whites also used The Bible against Blacks, but that didn’t stop Black people from getting their rights. Instead of some racist Gays attacking Blacks, they would be taking pointers.

  • Shannon1981

    There is a LOT Of homophobia in the African American community, and those of us who dare to be out and proud feel it, big time. I can only imagine what its like for celebs, must be a million times harder, and damn, is that saying something. So, while I understand why the glass closet black lgbt celebs do what they do, I still find their closets to be cowardly and reprehensible and I don’t give a damn why they are doing what they are doing, they need to stop kowtowing to the religious nuts of the African American community’s mainstream population and come out. In fact, I blogged this very subject just the other day. Very un PC, but oh so true.

  • Tackle

    @ Marcus @ Agree with Marcus @ Isaac C: I see that some people are so sick and insecure that they have to post under and used different names to try to convince themselves and show others that there are others on here who feel they way they do. Stay in your own little miserable world full of anger, jealous, and resentment toward Blacks. As most Whites, or any other group will not follow you there. And most Blacks are gonna go about there daily lives.
    Unaware of who you are. You have absolutely no power. But you give Blacks so much power over you to envoke such a strong “negitive” reactions.

    You need help for your sick obsession with Blacks. Everytime there is a post about Blacks, you write in. Always with something negitive and divisive. Turning it into a racial issue. And usally under the name Issca C. And just to show how hate and racism can cloud ones thinking and turn on the stupid button. As @Issac C, you wrote about how homophobic the Black community is. Yet you say they don’t even acknowledge homosexuality. Any ten-year-old would know that to be against something, you have to be aware/acknowledge it.

    And the last time I checked I was Black with the full support of my family. Who happens to be part of the Black community.

  • Shannon1981

    As for getting rid of gay bars? Moronic. No matter how many rights we do or do not get, we do not need to heteroize, homogenize, and de- homoize our culture. Too many people want to be what the straights are. I want the same rights, but I can think of no fate worse than the boring vapidness that heterosexuality…except imitation heterosexuality. Nothing doing. We have a unique and oh so FABULOUS culture that is to be preserved and celebrated.

  • Isaac C

    @Tackle: In other words, “blah blah blah blah blah.” Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it, mmmkay Mr. Angry Black Gay? Thanks.

    And I’m not “Marcus” or “Agree,” nor do I post under any other names but my own. Again, get over it.

  • Tackle

    @ Shannon1981: I think it’s very irrresponsibe for you to make these false claims. And false they are. You mentioned that there is alot of homophobia in in the Black community. There is also alot of homophobia in the White community as well. If not more considering that they are the majority. And something that you don’t know and you should before making such accusations. Since the modern day gay rights movement started in 1969 with the stonewall riots, over 90% of GLBT who have been murdered have been done by White men. Here are some of the victims:

    Harvey Milk
    George Moscone
    Matthew Shepard
    Larry King
    Sal Mineo
    Barry Winchell( A soldiers story)
    Brandon Tina/Tina Brandon( Boys don’t cry)
    Scott Amedure(The Jenny Jones show)
    Billy Jack Gaither( set on fire)
    Gary Matson and partner Winfield Mowder: murderd by white supremacist
    Rebecca Wight and partner Claudia Brenner: murdered on Appalachian trail after seen making love.
    Not to say that Blacks do not commit bashings or murders but it’s not more that Whites.

    And the state of Maine, over 97% white voted against marriage equality for GLBT people.
    And you talk about the homophobic black church well lets talk about the homophobic white,
    And this is my 7th time bringing these stats up on Queerty. But your post showes that it needs to be done. Here we go “again”

    The Catholic Church:90% white
    Church of Scientology:95% white
    Mormon Church:97% white
    Evangelical Christians:90% white
    Southern Baptist:67% white
    All spent millions upon millions to and voted against marriage equality for GLBT people in 2008.
    And not to mentioned Pastor Fred Phelps who has been picketing gay funerals for the past thirty yrs, with signs saying, “fags will burn in hell”. Do you know of any black churches that are doing that??

    And by the way, I’m out. And I don’t feel it big time as you say. And the idea that a celeb it will be a million times harder is just RIDICULOUS. A celeb like Lafifah probibly has millions. And regardless if you are GLBT, Black, White, Asian or Hispanic/Latino, money is the great equlizer and will make your life eaiser in many ways.

  • Shannon1981

    @Tackle: I speak from personal experience.While your experience might be different, it doesn’t negate mine.

  • Shannon1981

    Furthermore, never did I say that White people aren’t homophobic. NEVER. I am well aware of Westboro and the rest, duh, not living under a rock. Furthermore, at the top of my list of people to absolutely loathe are Fred Phelps and the Pope. However, in the context of THIS article, I think ignoring the homophobia of the African American religious community is what is irresponsible. Also, being closeted, celeb or not, is irresponsible.

  • Shannon1981

    And considering that I am getting a tatt of Harvey on one arm and Matthew on the other, do you really think I don’t know these stories? I am simply tired of this acceptance of the “DL” culture in the GLBT African American community, their deep defense of the religion that was used to justify the enslavement of our ancestors, and the hypocrisy of oppressing another group of people when they, above any other minority in this country, should know better.

    You might be able to ignore these facts, but I cannot. Your angry African American queer act is tiresome. You need to realize which one of the minorities accepts you, ALL of you. I am a quintuple minority. I align myself with the one that has given me the least amount of prejudice.

    And before you go spouting off about the racism among gay men with regards to dating, again, I am aware of it, and have, in fact, railed against it in the comments on this very site. Lesser of the evils, and point out evil where ever I see it, rather than holding on to some weird sense of loyalty. There’s nothing false about anything I have said here.

  • Isaac C

    @Tackle: LOL. 1) There are more white people than there are blacks, and 2) There are more OUT white people than there are blacks. Whites have always been at the forefront of gay rights and gay culture. Since you’re so good at pointing out the percentages of white people who have worked against gay rights, why don’t you point out the overwhelming number of white people – both GLBT and liberal heterosexual white allies – who have worked FOR gay rights, to be fair? There wouldn’t even BE a gay rights movement if it weren’t for GLBT whites and their allies. But you probably haven’t thought it through that far, have you? And while you’re at it, point out the number of black GLBT who have historically and currently made important contributions to the gay rights movement, and now highlight the overwhelming black opposition to gay rights – such as with Prop 8. OOPS!

    Black gays have been too busy cowering in black churches as choir directors and sitting in homophobic pews listening to their homophobic pastors to make a mark on the gay rights movement. They’ve also been far too busy on the DL leading double lives, and defending those double lives as if it’s naturally the thing to do as black people. As if coming out and being openly gay or lesbian is somehow in complete opposition to being black. In fact, they couldn’t care less about being gay, since they’ve always identified more with their black side.

    And why are you sharing with us your ability to pay attention to white people in the first place? If you were as comfortable being a black GLBT as you claim, you wouldn’t be carrying on like this. YOU are making it clear the type of bigoted black gay person you are. Something tells me you are very uncomfortable with yourself. I’d suggest you get some therapy instead of attacking Shannon and others here who point out the obvious.

  • Isaac C

    @Shannon1981: I agree with your comments, Shannon. Thanks.

  • Shannon1981

    @Isaac C: Thanks, Isaac. And the thing is, I realize its ugly and un pc. Within 3 hours I had 3 posts on my tiny little blog regarding this issue, when usually NO ONE comments.Granted the place was created to rant/share/for my own amusement, but that goes to show what an uncomfortable subject it is. It’s just true, though.

    Great example: when I left here to move to Buffalo, where I briefly closeted myself under the guise of dating a man to get my family off my back, my mother actually reported me missing to the authorities and had me locked up in a 72 hour mental place, run by Catholics. The “mental illness?” She found out I had cheated on my “boyfriend” with women. That is how deep this crap runs. We won’t even get started on the conversion therapy and being officially thrown out of the church I grew up in. It’s real, it really is.

    At any rate, I can’t make people see what is in front of their faces if they don’t want to. But I think we all need to open our eyes to what is really happening. There is extreme prejudice across the board, and defending it for any reason within any of these groups is beyond the pale. With that, I bid you all good night, hope to see you tomorrow.

  • CBRad

    @Tackle: Just a minor point : Sal Mineo’s murderer was Black. But he (Lionel Ray Williams) had been on a robbery rampage and his attack on Mineo wasn’t gay-related.

  • Cam

    @Kylew: said….

    “Being true to yourself and accepting who you are is NOT the same as broadcasting that fact to the world. Nobody else has the right to know Latifah’s sexuality, and she has no obligation to share it with them.”

    How interesting that you consider being gay as something shamefull that should be hidden. Nobody is asking her what she and her girlfriend do in the beadroom when the lights are out. Being gay isn’t akin to some kinky act that you hide. No, her walking the red carpet with the woman she loves openly, not denying who she is, etc… are the simple acts of not hiding a major portion of her life because of shame.

    What is worse is that you are so self hating, you think the bigots like Santorum are right…being gay is something evil and shameful to be hidden. I feel sorry for both you and Queen Latifa.


    No. 21 · Isaac C said…
    How is she a coward if she has been seen with her girlfriend and isn’t living a closeted lie of a life?

    Isaac, denying who you are and getting caught on camera in an embrace far out to see on a boat is hardly living a non-closeted life.

  • Kylew

    @Cam: I’m not suggesting that Latifah hides who she is. I’m just saying that she has no obligation to broadcast it. People here seem to be suggesting that she has been seen with her girlfriend, so what’s the biggie? There are many heterosexual celebrities who also choose to keep their partners and their private lives out of the spotlight, and personally, I respect that far more than this pathetic cult of worshipping every tiny thing associated with a celebrity – their partners, kids, pets, etc.

    Self hate? Why is it that every time someone on this site advocates a little discretion, you or someone chimes in with the tired self hate accusation? Your tired psychobabble rhetoric convinces no-one. It’s simply become an accusational line that is tossed mindlessly into a debate to belittle the credibility of the person you are conversing with. It’s as ridiclous and pointless as accusing all homophobes of being closeted gays – it’s a very artless attempt to try to wrest some kind of moral authority from the conversation. To be honest Cam, I’d respect you more if you stuck to the debate instead of trying to disempower me with such a hackneyed line. Your opening paragraph had me thinking deeply, and then you threw in that line, and I stopped taking you seriously.

  • Cam

    @Kylew: said…

    “@Cam: I’m not suggesting that Latifah hides who she is. I’m just saying that she has no obligation to broadcast it. People here seem to be suggesting that she has been seen with her girlfriend, so what’s the biggie? ”

    She hasn’t been seen with her girlfriend, she was photographed several miles off shore on a boat with a powerful lensed camera.

    As for “Broadcasting” it. You are still acting like it is akin to talking about whether or not she likes to be peed on.

    It is not being ashamed to walk up the red carpet with the person she is in love with. It is, when asked if she is in a relationship at LEAST saying, “Yes, I am in a relationship, but I don’t want to talk about it on here.” She denies.

    She treats it like a filthy thin that needs to be hidden, all the while singing songs and writing books about being a strong woman.

  • Marcus

    @Shannon1981: If you feel black people are so bad and homophobic should just bleach you skin and try to pass.LOL I happen to love being black.

  • Kim

    @Cam There are dozens of pics of Latifah with her girlfriend . They are on Black gossip sites weekly.That pic went mainstream because Alicia Keys and other celebs were on that boat.Where is all the outrage when Kevin Spacey is spotted at a gay bar. Latifah has had relationships with men and woman. Are Anne Heche,Julie Cyper or Angelina closet cases because they are with men now. Latifah has never said she hasn’t had a same sex relationship.She said she is not a lesbian.

  • Aiden

    The racists are out in droves I see.

  • Cam

    @Kim: said…

    “Latifah has had relationships with men and woman. Are Anne Heche,Julie Cyper or Angelina closet cases because they are with men now. ”

    Nice try at lying. Latifa has been with the same woman for nearly a decade, she owns a house with her and yet claims to not be in a relationship. Try to excuse it any way you can, but it doesn’t hold up.

  • Kurt

    Shannon those are some lame ass tattoos, nobody gives a shit about what you have to say. Latifa is a closet queen and a total coward.

  • David

    Shannon1981-Are you trying to win a gold medal in the oppression Olympics or something? So you hate being black, that’s your problem and no not all black people or African Americans are nearly as homophobic as you wish they were.

  • Kurt

    Kim, Anne Heche, and Angelina are bisexual. Latifa is a dyke and not bisexual at all, and she’s NOT out at all and is completely closeted unlike Angelina, Julie Cyper, and Anne Heche are not closeted about their actual sexuality and are all out as bisexual.

  • Michael

    Hey, it’s okay if she is a Lesbian. If she denied it then maybe that means she is afraid to come out or has concerns over her endorsements or other personal reasons. Although Ellen is also a Covergirl spokesmodel. We all know she went through a lot after she came out though. Maybe it’s a complicated thing for QL because she has some insecurities, who knows? But if she wants to come out, she will still have tons of fans, we all know that. Personally, I’m one of those people who would like her either way, because she is not out to hurt anyone and she keeps us entertained with her charms and good looks. There are a lot of people who don’t believe in labels, maybe she’s one of them. :-)

  • Tackle

    @Shannon1981: So you speak from your own personal experience. Really?? That’s B.S. and you know it. So you experience homophobia from the Black community BIG TIME?
    Well Shannon, your small community does not make up the “whole Black community at large. And Black people are NOT living there lives to discriminate against you. There are more important things to be done.

    Regardless of what you may think about yourself, to most Blacks, your a non-factor. They don’t know who you are, and are not concerned about who’s legs your head is between.

    And your missing a big point. By stating in bold letters (LOT) of homophobia in the Black community, you are inferring (more).

    What’s wrong. Afriad to call out Whites on their homophobia? Trying to win brownie points. A gold medal. Or is it a rainbow ribbon??? And talk about coward. Look in the mirrow and you’ll see one.

    And this post was about one women. Not about the Black community. Not about there so-called rampant homophobia (as you believe) or the Black community or church.
    You took it there. Generalizing without knowing the true facts, and inturn being very
    IRRESPONSIBLE. And I choose to respond and called you on it. If that makes me angry,then so be it.

    And the so-called DL culture. Damn you just don’t quit or get it. Another lie you bought into. Even the CDC is getting away from that FALSE term. Shannon, ever heard of

    Merve Griffin
    Jim McGreevy
    Ted Haggard
    Paul Crouch
    Jim Baker
    All can be accused of being on the DL at somepoint in there life.
    The DL is a sinsationalistic term directed at Blackmen. But it is nothing more than
    CLOSETED BISEXUAL behavior. Nothing more, nothing less. And if White GLBT people outnumber Black, GLBT people something like eight to one, then one can logically conclude that there are more Whites doing this behavior.

    And you say my angry African American act is tiresome. What you call anger, I call passion. And what’s tiresome is some self-hating, Black blaming, illinformend, generlizing person who dosen’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

  • CBRad

    @Tackle: I don’t want to butt in, but I’ve seen Shannon repeatedly go after the Pope for his homophobia, so I doubt she’s reticent when it comes to whites).

  • Shannon1981

    @Marcus: When did I say I hated being black? I simply choose to speak from experience, and I don’t sugar coat ANYTHING. I call the Pope and Fred Phelps and whoever else oppresses us. I just, as a gay, black, atheist, hate the DL/homophobia of the black church culture, and I despise the fact that so many blacks defend and buy into a religion that was forced upon is by white slave masters and used to enslave generations of our people. What I am saying isn’t false.

    For the record,the one thing I hate, period, is bigotry of any kind.

    @Tackle: I know what I’m talking about. You simply choose to ignore facts.

    @CBRad: Thank you.

  • Shannon1981

    @Tackle: And Self- hating? Talk to the people who sit in the church pews week after week and listen to homophobic preachers spew nastiness about them and say nothing and hide who they are instead of standing up when you want to go after self loathing queers, black or otherwise.

    I love ALL of who I am. I refuse to associate with racist gays or homophobic blacks or anyone who spews hate against any group of people, period. End of story. There’s nothing wrong with recounting how I have personally been treated with regards to this issue. Queen Latifah is a closet case, and she, and all the others, need to come the fuck out. That means Anderson Cooper too. See? I am aware of white closet cases as well, and I feel exactly the same. COME OUT OF THE CLOSET.

  • CBRad

    @Shannon1981: Again, I don’t want to intrude, but I just thought you were really being attacked unfairly. I don’t necessarily agree with all your points of view, but I think you’re basically fair across the board, and I SURE as hell can tell you’re not self-hating in any way shape or form.

  • Shannon1981

    @Tackle: And please tell me how I am a coward? I have stated myself on this very blog that African Americans, lesbians, transfolk, and other minorities are grossly underrepresented, and that they need to have more than just white gay men on the Queerty writing staff. I stand by that.

    I also stand by the fact that the body fascism and racism so rampant on sites designed for gay dating needs to stop, and all this stating in profiles which races one won’t date needs to stop.

    Actually, I think I am very brave for calling it like I see it.

    And Kurt- nobody cares what I have to say? You responded, didn’t you? I agree, Queen Latifah is a closet case and a coward just like all the others, regardless of race. I simply suspect that its her pandering to the black church that makes her stay in the closet. She, and all the others, white, black, purple, green, male, female, whoever- need to come out. End of story. Closeting oneself for any reason is cowardly, barring your living in a country that will jail or kill you for being LGBT, or getting thrown out into the streets if you are a closeted kid or something like that. None of these things apply to Queen Latifah, so she is simply being a coward by not stating the fact that she is a big old muff munching dyke just like me.

  • Shannon1981

    @CBRad: I think its unfair, what they are saying as well.The thing is, I feel no sense of loyalty whatsoever to ANY of the groups I belong to. If I see any of them doing wrong, especially in the area of bigotry, I call it out.

    Also, a lot of the things I say on here probably do come off harsh due to the extreme homophobia I’ve suffered over the years at the hands of my own family. I admit to having some personal resentment toward black church culture, due to the fact that I was sent to conversion therapy at the suggestion of a preacher, and thrown out of the church officially for standing up against the homophobia within. So, yeah. I resent all of that, and I don’t understand the defense of it. And no, I don’t hate any part of myself. I think I’m pretty rad. :)

  • CBRad

    @Shannon1981: I remember you have a lot of personal reasons to feel so strongly about the church issue. But that doesn’t negate the truth of it, probably, being a bigger societal problem overall. That’s often the way it works. Those who have been hit by it personally become “activists” about that issue. Which is the correct way.

  • Shannon1981

    @CBRad: I admit it, I hate religion. Christianity in particular, with a passion. It has been the source of some lifelong emotional scars, and my own personal hell. I know I am not the only one.My way of dealing with that has been to do research as I was leaving it, visiting lots of churches, seeking testimonials, researching the history of religion…and what makes me the maddest of all is that Christianity was used to enslave and oppress my ancestors and justify doing it, and so many modern African Americans ignore that. I don’t get ignoring something like that and choosing to buy into it instead. It infuriates me.

    You’re right, it is part of a bigger societal problem. And to ignore that problem is to enable and perpetuate that.

  • CBRad

    @Shannon1981: Understood.

  • rosa

    she is the queen. she can go any place she want to. ya’ll haters get a life and let queen enjoy hers. she ain’t worried about you idiots at all. do your thang queen. take me alone next time.

  • Tackle

    @CBRad: Please do butt in. This is an open form. And everyone has a right to their opinion. And thanks for the info regarding Sal Mineo. I stand corrected and will not use his name any more. And if she (Shannon1981) went after the Pope for his homophobia, wounderful! And as you seen here she used the word: a(LOT) of homaphobia in the African American community. I would like to know if she ever used thoes words a(LOT) of homophobia in the White community?? Because if she has not, she IS reticent when it come to Whites.

    @Shannon1981: You don’t know me. My mother. Father. Brothers or sisters. I or no one in my family has EVER discrminated or been homophobic towards you. When you make sweeping generlizations (which you did) about an entire group of people, then the attacks you receive are warranted. Generlizations is one of the basic consinsus for being and harboring
    prejudice. That’s one thing that every hate group has in common.

    If these were you own personal experiences, why couldn’t you just say the Blacks who I encountered?? Then no one can question that because you are speaking from your own experience. However, you have NOT had experiences with every single 45-50 million Blacks in the U.S. Or even half that number. And sorry to hear about the extreme homophobia you suffered. And being forced to go to conversion therapy and being thrown out the church. But I was not there and had “nothing” to do with that. And nor the Black community at large.

    And I used the term cowardice towards you. The main reason is you attacking a whole group of people who have less the means and power to defend themselves in the media. Negitive polls and statistics are put out about blacks left and right. But when one is in power, negitive information regarding them can be silenced, which often times it is. And It won’t see the light of day.

    And while you may not associate with people that spew hate or racist gays, you give them ammunition to go after Blacks by repeating and inferring false sterotypes and beliefs. Thats why I said you were being Irresponsibe.

    And I do not or will not ignor homophobia from Blacks or anyone or groups. And I will never say that Blacks are without homophobia. I will say that as a group, it’s no more than any other group.

  • Shannon1981

    @Tackle: I use HTML when I see fit.And yes, I’ve used it on almost every article I’ve commented on here, no matter the subject, if I wish to emphasize. Forgive me, its the computer nerd in me.
    Once again, do I have a problem with black church culture? Yes. Yes I do, and I’ll tell you why. Even beyond homophobia, the fact that African Americans so blindly follow the religion used to justify enslaving our race for generations is frankly one of the most repulsive things I can think of.I realize that my own experience has nothing to do with you, and of course I have not encountered the entire black community. I only know what I see, and I reiterate that I believe it’s the reason Queen Latifah and others stay in the closet- fear of alienating parts of a base that are homophobic.

    Frankly, I don’t think she has anything to worry over. She’s been famous long enough to where it really doesn’t matter at all, making this all the more frustrating. I guess, as I am one of those tacky, cover of People mag style out and proud queers, “common knowledge” outness just isn’t good enough for me.

  • Interesting

    @Shannon1981: A racist is agreeing with your comment, and this is your proof that everything is okay with the world? Wow.

  • Interesting

    @Tackle: Shannon likes to run around claiming to have been discriminated against more based on sexual orientation than race, but when a known racist on this site agrees with her in the same comment section, it never seems to phase her that she’s talking to a racist. What I am trying to say is she sees what she wants to see. That’s the best interpretation one can make of her behavior here. I have already said the things you are saying to her. Pointing out my experience with my family looked nothing like Shannon. It doesn’t stop her from once again making statments you might expect out of a racist, which explains why the racists do not bother her. I really question whether Shannon is what Shannon claims to be. At best, Shannon seems to be someone with sever issues over race, and I doubt anything said here will change that. Shannon will be in another article comment section making similar blanket statements like you might expect from a racist rather than someone claiming to be a person of color.

  • Isaac C

    Shannon, just ignore the troll angry black gay men whose only purpose is to hate white gays and white people. Ask yourself, are they someone whose opinions you can trust?

    Do you know why they hate you? I’ll tell you why they hate your perspective and what you stand for: It is because you are willing to call the black community out on its bs and be fair about it, like you clearly have been. That rattles their little minds and they can only shift their rabid, cliche anti-white racism into overdrive when it’s a black person saying the truth.

    Be strong, Shannon. Reasonable people are on your side. You know what your experiences have taught you. You have to ignore the black racial predators and extremists here who try to tear you down because they want you to think in lockstep with them. They are not capable of liking and accepting every part of themselves as you are, and being honest about the state of the black community.

  • Interesting

    Like clockwork, the racist shows up to attack black men. I await Shannon’s response to him pretending not to see that he’s a racist.

  • Isaac C

    Do you see, Shannon? Again, is this the opinion of someone you can trust? I hope you understand why these lunatics are condemning you. They want to try to shut you up, even question your racial identity because their small, incompetent, pathetic minds cannot process the fact that you are a racially-fair individual. Again, Shannon, be strong. You know what you’ve gone through, so don’t let them try to shame you into being quiet just because it makes them feel more comfortable with their own anti-white racism. And that is EXACTLY what they’re trying to do.

  • Interesting

    Isaac, I can pull up direct comments of yours from the last few weeks to illustrate why I call you a racist. You go into article after article bringing up race, even when its not the subject matter, and then people respond to you, and you play the same shtick each article claiming everyone else around you is the bigot. Every time. The exact same shtick. It doesn’t matter who say s what to you. You say the same shit.

  • Shannon1981

    @Interesting: All you gotta do is click my name, which takes you to my personal blog, which links back to several social networking sites, all with multiple photos of me. I have nothing to hide. Having opinions that differ from yours does not mean I am any less black or have “severe issues with race.”

    And stop talking about me like I am not here.

    @Isaac C: I’m not really worried about anyone being unreasonable with me or disagreeing with me. I realize my experiences are not everyone’s; however, the difference between me and them is that I realize that experience is what shapes a person’s life and identity, not toeing some party line, no matter which group said party line toers(is that a word?) belong to. It makes no sense for me to sit here and pretend I don’t see what I see. On the contrary @Interesting: @Interesting: you guys are the ones who see what you want to see.

  • Isaac C

    Shannon, do you see how these angry, extremist gay black people continue? Inventing and spinning whatever they like because you are a balanced and fair individual who won’t cave to their extremes? Do you see how they try to attack and silence people? This is what they do. This is how they function. It is something that mentally unstable, incompetent people do. And they are trying to do it to you. I hope you see it for what it is. Most everyone else here does and that’s why no one talks to them or takes them seriously.

  • Shannon1981

    @Isaac C: There are wingnuts in every group. Extremism is dangerous in all of its forms. I respond to it- call it the one good thing I took from being southern, manners- but I rarely actually take it seriously once I see it for what it is. I don’t give a damn if it’s conservatives or liberals or gays or straights or blacks or whites or anyone else- extremism driven by anger is never a good thing.

  • Isaac C

    @Shannon1981: I agree with you and respect your opinion. I think you have been VERY fair and reasonable, even during the constant one-sided attacks.

  • Shannon1981

    @Isaac C: Thanks. I try to be fair, even though this is obviously a subject that brings out a lot of pent up anger, frustration, and nastiness. I know I can throw punches with the best of ’em when I want, but it just hasn’t been necessary here. For the record, if I thought you were a racist, I wouldn’t be talking to you, so ignore that bullshit characterization.

    I don’t have fun arguing with people, but it’s bound to happen, given the vitriolic nature of this blog. But, then again, isn’t that at least part of what keeps us coming back?

    I just hope one day we can all be one race- the human race- and stop all this bullshit. Until then, I guess we all cope in our own ways, and try to do as little damage as possible.

  • Kylew

    @Cam: Okay Cam, I see your point now, and in light of the message in her songs, there is at least room to doubt her credibility.

  • Interesting

    @Shannon1981: No thanks. See, you are now agreeing with Isaac C who is most definitely a racist. that you are “thanking” tells me all I need to know about you. I would say seek therapy, but I doubt you will.

  • Interesting

    @Shannon1981: All you need to do is check out isaac’s comments in other threads. The fact you keep ignoring that I says a lot about you.


    @Shannon1981: KEEP YOUR HEAD UP HIGH, CHICLET! I know you are not some self-loathing gay black woman. You are out and proud and are doing good works by helping the glbt community via your recent education. YOU GO GIRL! KEEP KICKIN’ THE BALLISTIC! Love n hugs!

  • Tackle

    @Interesting: Thanks for the heads up. I’m not that familiar with (Shannon1981) or her history of running around claiming to be more of a victim based on her sexual orientation than her race. This is my first time of dialoguing with her through this post.

    I do find it strange that she is giving thank’s and accepting praise from a known racist(who I choose to ignor) when all she has to do is look at his past comments on here.

    One thing I do know is that a racist do not feel as threaten by a Black women as they do Black men. Or by someone who wont or cannot see who they really are.

  • Shannon1981

    @Tackle: Listening to what other people say instead of making your own judgement is petty. Disagreeing with someone is one thing; sitting in a post and personally attacking someone you admittedly know absolutely nothing about quite another. Fuck you both, and do not talk to me again, either of you.

    @TASTEY GOODIES: Thank you. Some people can’t handle being disagreed with. Instead, they resort to petty personal attacks.

  • Shannon1981

    @Interesting: Why would I listen to someone who has done nothing but attack me in here rather than someone who hasn’t? Makes no sense.

  • Interesting

    @Tackle: An insight into how Shannon’s issues work. There was an article trying to play the Oppression Olympics. Something I don’t like because both gays and people of color face bigotry. She got into the mix claiming well gays face more discrimination. I pointed out the issue with subprime racism, which involves the targeting by banks of blacks for loans in the last decade that the banks knew had worse terms although they also knew the blacks were more qualified for better loans. She claimed not only not to know anything about it, but continued as she is doing here to pretend not to see any racism. In other words, of course she doesn’t seem racism. She sees what she wants to say, and here she communes with people are known racists even while pretending “its all just opinion” as a defense of her ignoring the racism. Let’s just say I consider her someone with deep emotional issues. She’s not going to change. The best advice is to just realize she’s got those issues about race. The bigots of course love her because she’s cover for them. “See there’ss this black woman willing to ignore our shit and say we are right.” Its the token approach. We aren’t racist because this token agrees with us. In the list of derailing debates on race, this is alos one of the classices. That’s why I question if she’s really nothing more than a sock puppet or whether there is something really this messed up still about internalized issue sover race out there. When you t hink about it- her commentts are extermely screwed up. After all, she’s black- does she exlude herself from her own generalizations? This is like the black guy I once asked out who said he doesn’t date blacks because ” blacks are all ignorant.” Which raised the question “what did he see when he was looking in t he mirror? Finally, there are quite a few bigots she has done this with on this site. She pretends not to see their bigotry unless they call us the n word,a nd even then she pretends a few days later not to remember seeing it. Again raising the question if this is a real person or an online persona.

  • Interesting

    @Shannon1981: You are the person covering their eyes claiming not to see racism, and the, in response to someone telling you to look around you lash out. For the record, you don’t need to like me to read the prior comments by the bigots you tend to support at this site. you never did. Were you emotionally mature rather than seeking validation from bigots for your own screwed up thinking, you might realize the two things are separate. I am not holding o ut for that.

  • Esculapio Mitiríades Torquemada de la Cueva

    @Interesting: I have no idea why you even bother. The woman has some straight-up issues with race. Let her be.

  • CBRad

    I actually think Shannon seems very self-aware. She knows that the reason she feels so strongly about black-church issues is because of her own personal experiences, and is wary of letting that completely influence her opinions on those subjects overall. But her personal experiences are totally legit too. She’s also done enough historical research into the subjects to come to her own conclusions. (And I’m not saying this as someone who would always agree with her, either). And, even if her opinions differ from yours, why not agree to disagree and just let it go?

  • Esculapio Mitiríades Torquemada de la Cueva

    @CBRad: No person is 100% self-aware. We’ve all got our blind spots, and I think her relationship to the black community is one of Shannon’s. She clearly had some deeply troubling experiences growing up. Which sucks, of course. But for the love of Pete: This site’s resident racist has been showering praise on her (with, I would venture to guess, the express purpose of pissing off critics such as Interesting), and she has been eating it up. If you, as a member of Minority X, don’t even wonder why Minority X Hater is on your side, then yeah, I’d say you have a blind spot.

  • Isaac C

    @Shannon1981: See? What did I tell you? Ignore the extremist race trolls and you’ll be fine. They are just trying to bring you down because of their own insecurities.

    I did a search on “Interesting.” Turns out he has been here for a long time and he pulls this type of thing with ANYONE who disagrees with him on race issues. The poor bastard just has mental problems. I picked up on this immediately, as have others. Hopefully you now see what I’m talking about.

    @CBRad: I definitely agree. Shannon is well-balanced and fair. And more importantly, she actually tries to be, unlike the people who are questioning her and picking fights with her for no reason other than her having a different opinion.

  • CBRad

    @Esculapio Mitiríades Torquemada de la Cueva: Well, whether he is the “resident racist” or not (I don’t know) she might not agree with him on everything, at all, but agrees with him on other points. There are people on blogs I agree with on some things but hate other things about them. I’m guesssing she’s generally not going to put people in categories like who-to-speak-to and who-not-to-speak-to, especiallly because that involves the time for keeping track of who everybody is and she probably has a life going on outside Queerty. Anyway, I don’t know her, but from what I do know I just think she’s an individual (a unique individual) who is deserving of some better treatment than some are giving her here. And, I also think that societal truths have a way of being revealed over time, so…if you disagree with her, just accept it. Eventually truths about race, churches, gays become obvious to the public, naturally. (Look at the Catholic Church’s hidden molestation issues).

  • Isaac C

    @CBRad: For what it’s worth, your comments have been very fair, as well. I think it’s clear to anyone with a level head that Shannon is being wrongly attacked and condemned by extremists.

  • Tackle

    @Interesting: I agree that you shouldn’t even bother with @Shannon1981: She has some deep rooted emotional and race issues, and as she has admitted, “life long emotional scars.”
    Resulting in her going through “emotional hell.” Apparantly she has not dealt with these issues. And this is one of the main reasons she lacks common sense, critical thinking and reasoning.

    This along with her hate for the Black church and and hate for Christianity in general. Hate is a very dangerous emotion that can cause one all kinds of mentail, physical and emotional problems. And what she dosen’t realize is that now, she’s a bigot just like many in the church are towards GLBT people. Yes there are many in the church who pratice homophobia. But she’s a religious bigot. Sweeping all religious and Christian people under the same rug based upon what HER church put her through. I have meet some beautiful/ nice religious and Christian people. Just like I have meet some GLBT people who have not been so nice . The key is to not generalize and leave ones self open.

    And she accused me of attacking her when she’s the one who attacked the Black church and the Black community. She can dish it out, but can’t take it. And if someone has an opinion different from hers’s, they are attacking her. (In her mind).

    And she flip flops on issues. She stated that for a celeb like Latefifah (it must be a million times harder.) Then on several post later states, ” I don’t think she has anything to worry over.” She’s been famous long enough where it really dosen’t matter at all”. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Either they will have it harder or not!

    You question if she’s a real person: i would say she is. But someone who needs help(a lot) based upon what she’s been through. Unfortionately the racist sees this. And manipulates her, (with praise)…

    She said something to the affect that she surrounds herself with people who did the least amount of harm to her in life. I.E. white people. That says alot about her. I like to surround myself with decent people, regardless of color. And she talks about one day wanting a colorless society. No she is NOT self-aware.

    And someone on here mentioned her getting a lame tattoo: she says she’e getting one of Harvey Milk and Matthew Shepard. What stable minded rational person would do that. Get tattoos of people they never met or really know anything about. Talk to anyone who grew up with Matthew Shepard or thoes from Laramie Wyoming and they will tell you that his killing was not a gay bashing. That he knew and ran in the same circles as his killers. Was a drug user and did drugs with them. He was adopted as a gay martyr simply because he was male, young, white and cute. And she wants a life long “embellishment” on her arm that showes the worst of gay coultures “Ism”. Ageism. Racism.Sexism and lookism. But hey, it is her body.

    I would def: say let her be an and that other in-house racist. You, I or anyone will be unable to change their mind or get through to them. The in-house racist, I just ignor him and do not read anything he has directed towards me.

    ButI do get why you may have responded. Like I did to @Shannon1981: not so much to change someones mind. And sure in the hell not to break bread with them. But rather to counter the lies, sterotypes, bigoted and generalizations they tend to put out there.
    Agreed on that…

  • Shannon1981

    I love how so many people on this site are obsessed with me enough to talk about me as if a) I can’t come back and read, and b) you know anything about me.

    If you don’t like what I have to say, don’t read it. Simple. But don’t derail a post to attack another poster rather than about the subject at hand.

  • Interesting

    @Tackle: I am not a fan of the black church or any religion in general. The difference is I also believe in live and let live. If they stay out politics, I stay out religious doctrine. There is also the reality that quite a plurality of Church goers who do in fact support gay rights. There was a story last year on the white gay blogs about this black woman in DC suing her church over the church providing ceremonies for gay married couples. Everyone choose to focus on the law suit, but what I focused on in the story was that this congregation choose to defend gay marriage. That people choose in DC not to leave the church. Its like the situation with the lesbian being elected in Houston. Blacks hate gays so much but somehow she keeps wining with the Black vote. Or the passage of gay marriage in NY state and other states like it. Many of the most ardent supporters of gay rights when these bills are being promoted are often, if you have take a gander at the photos, black and latinos. Indeed, I mentioned that during the NY win, and the anti-black contingent here went ballistic.

    This should be made clear: I don’t rationalize or condone homophobia that does exist in the black communities. It needs to be argued against and fought. Just like it does in the White communities. The problem I have with people like Shannon is that she quite clearly can not see that Black communities are just as individualistic as White ones. That its a complicated subject. As I told someone, if 60 percent are against due to their religion , there’s 40 for- gay marriage. That number is different with majorities for gay rights in other areas. For example a high percent of blacks support ENDA. So, when people make blanket statements like Shannon, she’s operating in ignorance. I have poiinted out the data to her- and she finds her way back to saying the same irrational stuff as before. No one looks at the 50/50 stats in the White communities, and think “well this means that all whites are X” No one looks at what happens in Russia with whites there to think this is what all whites think. But they look to what happens in parts (and its only parts of Africa) to say this is what all black people think. My point here is pretty simple- complexity. Shannon can not have that.

    For her, its all or nothing. On top of that, she seems to have real issues with not realizing she’s talking to bigots who are endorsing what she is saying. Their reasoning is pretty simple: She’s a convenient token that they can use to derail any discussion. “See there are even black people who don’t think like you.”

    Ordinarily, someone who is addressing a bigot telling them theyare right, should at the very least, even if they disagree with me, tell the bigot,hey I don’t agree with your racism either and we aren’t friends. She pretends as if she’s buddies with the racists.

    That’s the 2 problems with this picture.

  • Interesting

    @Shannon1981: (a) No one cares that you can come back and read. We aren’t trying to hide this from you. (b) The fact you don’t care that you are quite often being endorsed by bigots tells us who you are. Your blanket statements about race tells us who you are. You don’t need to tell us. Your own positions and decisions do. If someone were to tell me that they are a member of the KKK or the the anti-gay hate groups, I don’t need to engage in a conversation to ask them what they think of race or gay issues to gain a deeper understanding fo them. I can assess who they are by their choice of association just like I am doing now with you. Here’s the kicker, if someone said about gays what you are saying about blacks here you would be all over them calling them, rightly, homophobic. That you can’t see your own reflection in this is the problem.

  • Johnny Cockran

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