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Queen Latifah Was Bullied As a Kid. For Being Too Much Of a Woman

Though Queen Latifah won’t be talking about how she was bullied for being gay as a kid, she does say she can relate to today’s tormented youth because she was picked on … for having big breasts.

“I think a lot of times kids who are bullies get away with it because no one confronts their parents,” says Ms. Dana Owens. “Parents have to step (up) to other parents and say, ‘Listen, your son or daughter is texting my son or daughter, or emailing, or tweeting, or Facebook-ing or talking about my child or pressuring them in some sort of way. They’ve gotta step in for these kids… We’ve gotta fight for our kids. It’s a shame… No child should have to lose their life through a senseless killing and that’s really just the saddest thing of all. No parent should have to be on TV explaining that.”

As for her giant boobage? “”Later, I found that having big breasts was a really good thing, and people were paying for this.”

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  • Jeff

    Closeted hypocite

  • ewe

    She sacrifices gay people at the altar of MONEY. I find her attitude to be repulsive.

  • ewe

    Notice how she took something innately within us such as our sexual orientation and objectified it by comparing it to a physical attribute like a pair of big titties. She knows nothing about oppression because she is so closeted that she is stopped growing as a spiritual being.

  • greenluv1322


  • afrolito


    Yeah….because a black woman in America knows nothing about oppression. LMFAO!

  • SteveC

    Well Closeted-Lesbian-Queen-Latifah chooses not to care about oppression through this pathetic statement she has just made.

    Remember – Closeted-Lesbian-Queen-Latifah is the closeted lesbian who appears onscreen with Vince Vaughn in the Dilemma during the ‘that’s so gay’ scene.

    Closeted-Lesbian-Queen-Latifah is like Elton John – there are no limits to which she won’t stoop to for a paycheck.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    No. 5 · afrolito

    I understand EWE’s point as not referring to racial oppression. Unfortunately, I still disagree. The Queen knows damn well about being oppressed for being a big ol’ lesbian, too.

    That’s why this message, though appreciated, is just another in a long line of coy statements from Ms. Owens. She seems to love dancing of the edge of coming out, with a wink and a smile.

    It’s infuriating.


    I love how QL refusing to acknowledge her lesbianism rattles you all so. The gay community kills me when it comes to closeted (or allegedly closeted) celebrities. As if her not saying it will resulted in someone being killed. As if saying it would validate someone else’s existence. The truth is that some in the community simply want to be able to “claim” a famous name as a teammate.

    In the meantime, kids are bullied for more reasons than being gay, and I appreciate that someone made a statement about how their “difference,” that still resulted in peer cruelty, wasn’t that.

  • Taylor Siluwé


    I could explain point by point why it “rattles” me so much, if I thought for one second it would sink into your thick skull.

    As it stands, I won’t.

  • SBC19

    Get off her back. If Dana doesn’t want to come out publicly/professionally, then she doesn’t have to. I can’t stand ‘militant’ types, who have this obnoxious little “you’re either with us or against us” mentality. So long as she isn’t actively working against the civil rights of gays, or making incendiary remarks about us, her being closeted is of no consequence to anyone — but her.

  • Fitz

    Give her space. She doesn’t NEED to come out. The closeted douches who say shit about gay people– those you can go for. She’s done us no foul, and she is one of our own (probably).

    I am older than most of you, and I remember the oppression of the woman’s movement: women weren’t being told that they COULD have careers, they were being told that they HAD TOO, and that if they chose to stay home and raise kids, they were backwards idiots. Women openly mocked them. It wasn’t for another 20 or 30 years that we began to appreciate that it was the freedom to CHOOSE a career or child raring was the real goal.

    It’s probably for us too.

  • David

    In 5 years, when the movie offers diminish, she’ll come out… and OUT Magazine will put her in the OUT 100 for her bravery.

  • ewe

    @afrolito: You said that. Not me.

  • SteveC

    No one expects that big dyke Queen Latifah to come out if she doesn’t want to. But she’s a lesbian. We’re perfectly entitled to wonder why she remains cowering like a big lesbian idiot, in her closet.

    Queen Latifah is a big boned lesbian.

    And she’s in The Dilemma with Vince Vaughn.

    That’s so gay (or lesbian if we’re talking about Lesbian Queen Latifah).

  • The Artist

    Don’t mess with the Queen! We HEART her!

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