Queen Of Pop Quiz: Which Of The 17 Beyoncés Are You?


As you have heard by now Beyoncé dropped a new album, but more importantly she dropped a visual album of 17 videos, and they’re all amazing in their own way. In each of the videos she toys with a different persona so we thought it would be fun to play a little Queen Bey personality quiz and let you pick which Beyoncé most relates to you. Tell us below in the comments which one you are!

1. “Pretty Hurts” aka Miss Bitches Hate Me Cause I’m So Pretty


Is your everything on point but shady bitches can’t give you your shine? Well throw ’em shade with a smile, because nothing gets them more steam-pressed than seeing you happy. You’re doin’ it boo, so keep doin’ you.

2. “Ghost” aka Miss Bougie Artsy High Class


You’re very familiar with Barney’s (and not Co-Op or the Warehouse, thank you). You and Rick Owens are close personal friends, or at least you and his clothes are. You read long think-pieces on really esoteric topics that we might not have heard of. You spend your weekends hanging out in Chelsea galleries, and nights in Hell’s Kitchen bars.

3. “Haunted” aka Miss Shady Boots


Is your go-to look the side eye? Well you’re in luck. Beyoncé has come for you. And she is dropping some superstar level shade. Of course her face is beat to death and her hair is set, because no one can come for you if you’re looking on point.

4. “Drunk In Love” aka Miss Blindly In Love With My Man


Do you go all in for every man you make your boo? Can he do no wrong? Do your friends wonder where you went and think you fell off the face of the earth? If so, then this Beyoncé is you. No shame in love, because all them haters are just single bitter hoes.

5. “Blow” aka Miss 1970s Vintage Queen


You like your clothes vintage and body skimming. Throwback Thursday is everyday for you. Your favorite music is nothing that came out in the last 30 years. You even partake in the more debaucherous pastimes of yesteryear. You are Miss 1970s Vintage Queen.

6. “No Angel” aka Miss Hood Rich


You want and have the finest of things, in the worst of circumstances. You live in the hood but look like you belong on Park Ave. When that new jam drops you have to have it, whether it be those new kicks, new bag, or new phone. You’re doing the most with the least. Keep it up. We all see you, and some are jealous haters.

7. “Yoncé” aka Miss High Fashionista


Only the best for you, you’ve immersed yourself in fashion culture. You’re at the shows, you hang out with models, you read the magazines, you wear the latest, and you wouldn’t be caught dead in last season’s Prada shoes, even if they are strappy sandals. Couture is regularly in your vocabulary. All the best sales people at the designer shops know you on a first name basis, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

8. “Partition” aka Miss Freak


You let your freak flag fly daily and don’t care who knows it. You love your costumes in and out of the bedroom. Most people’s wild is too mild for you. Know those clubs Stefon from SNL talks about? You’ve actually been to them. So let that freak flag fly, and go get your freakum dress on.

9. “Jealous” aka Miss Fire And Brimstone


You are not to be messed with. You’re taking names, and cutting hoes. You keep your man in line, because you know how them basic bitches be. Your spies are everywhere and everyone knows it.

10. “Rocket” aka Miss Sex Siren


You drip sex. Your outfits are barely there, and when they are they are too tight. When you walk into a room heads turn, necks break, and audible ‘damns’ are heard. People are throwing themselves, and things, at you just to be near you. Work it, because if you got it flaunt it.

11. “Mine” aka Miss Iconic Cool


You flawlessly execute whatever you do. You are the definition of timeless and cool. People might tell you this but you keep it quiet because you know you don’t have to. Your friends always look to you as the arbiter of what’s hip, and it shows.

12. “XO” aka Miss Fun Times


You’re always down for a good time, and in more ways than one. You are the party, and the party is you. TGIF is your motto. Da Club? Your second home. Life every day like it’s your birthday shorty — because it is.

13. “Flawless” aka Miss Hardcore Hottie


You’re no shrinking violet. You have tattoos, piercings, and love to get in the mosh pit. You like it rough, and everyone knows it. ‘No’ isn’t a part of your vocabulary. Most likely found in leather, you feel most comfortable when you make others uncomfortable. You make scary look sexy, and we like it.

14. “Superpower” aka Miss Revolutionary


A proponent for worthy causes, you are always at the front lines of the issues. You keep everyone up to date on the news, and they’re all grateful for the dish. You’re a natural leader and it shows. Lord knows your friends wouldn’t get anything done without you.

15. “Heaven” aka Miss Deep Thoughts


Not everyday is a funeral, but when there is one you’re there. You’re reflective on life not only in times of grief but times of prosperity. Nothing gets past you without coming under your scrutiny. And yeah, you’re not afraid to cry in public, because that takes strength.

16. “Blue” aka Miss Nurturer


You love your family and it shows. There’s always time for quality moments with the people you love. You go out of your way to make sure the people you love know that they’re loved. Without you, holidays would be that much less merry.

17. “Grown Woman” aka Miss Digital Tech


You’re on the cutting edge of the newest tech. You always know about the latest digital gadgets. You look at your phone the first thing in the morning after you wake up. Tech enhances your life, especially when meeting “new friends.” You’re tech-sy.