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Queeny Fashion Gays Only Allowed on Television to Point at Female Celebrities’ Breasts

[flv: 650 400]

The only time homosexual men get to utilize sports television’s magic technology? At awards shows, when the fashion critic queens get to draw arrows pointing at tits and scope out 360-degree views of female anatomy. That’s Gay‘s Bryan Safi trots out the Oscar red carpet footage to remind us that gays can only be their flamboyant selves when calling women terrible dressers.


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  • jason

    Most of these camp men are a collection of self-loathing tragics. While I agree that women deserve to be criticized for wearing inappropriately revealing dresses, some of the criticism goes beyond that. It goes almost to a venal hatred of women.

  • Corve DaCosta

    I love that video. It is entertaining but so true.

  • ROBinNYC

    In. Love. With. Him.

    And the one homo-spondent I really cannot abide is that Jay Manuel. He looks like a super-power-bottom version of Max Headroom. How do we allow him to speak on fashion???

  • AlwaysGay

    Jason is so brillant and hilarious.

  • AlwaysGay

    I meant to write Bryan Safi is so brilliant and hilarious.

  • NAP79

    Jay Manuel is just about the most ridiculous asshole on television, and that’s saying a lot as television is filled with ridiculous assholes. Someone really needs to tell that bitchy shit stain to shut the fuck up. He is grotesque in every way.

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