Homo Hook-Up Turns Hellish

Queer Attempts To Construct Murder?

Talk about rough sex. Gay Floridians Nathaniel David Lundquist and James S. Karelas met at Linkester’s Tap Room this past weekend. Horny and ready to go, 21-year old Lundquist and Karelas, 26, left the bar in Lundquist car with the intent on heading to Karelas’ home. Lundquist, however, had other plans.

Rather than driving to Karelas’ Polk County house, Lundquist pulled off U.S. Highway 27 into a construction site. Apparently Karelas wasn’t bothered, because he got out of his car and had sex with Lundquist.

While some couples may cuddle in such a post-coital situation, Lundquist allegedly decided to get murderous.

Florida fag-rag Watermark reports:

Karelas told deputies that Lundquist returned to his car, saying he needed to retrieve something, but instead drove away. Karelas said Lundquist returned, but was driving a motor grader and ran Karelas over. Karelas said he was struck in the leg with the construction equipment and knocked into a ditch. Despite screaming at Lundquist to stop, Karelas said Lundquist turned the vehicle around and struck him again.
A deputy’s report says that a Caterpillar motor grader was found parked near the scene, and marks on the road “appeared to be of someone dragging on the ground with foot and hand prints on the dirt.” Tire tracks also appeared to make a U-turn returning toward the crime scene.
According to reports, Karelas remained in a ditch near a wooded area close to the Champions Gate community, while Lundquist searched for him before leaving the scene. Two hours later, a witness spotted Karelas and contacted authorities for assistance.

Lundquist’s since been taken into custody and charged with attempted murder. There’s no hate crime charge, they say, because the men had consensual sex, thus leading investigators to rule out a homophobia as a motive. That’s understandable, but perhaps they should consider it a self-hate crime??