Two Accused Of Beating, Biting Man To Death

Queer Cannibalistic Murder Trial Starts In NZ

We’ve heard some fucked up shit in our seemingly endless day, but a queer case out of New Zealand may take the cake:

An unusual murder trial has begun in Palmerston North with the victim, a gay man, allegedly both beaten and bitten to death.

The Crown says Andre Gilling and Ashley Arnopp took part in a frenzied attack that saw some of the victim Stanley Waipouri’s ear and genitalia bitten off.

Police say Gilling had blood on his mouth and clothes.

The Crown claims the men were high on a mix of party pills and alcohol at the time.

Those pills, Arnopp says, were adrenalin, which gave the gruesome duo the energy to “power on” for hours as the mutiliated 39-year-old Stanley Waipouri. Cops later found Gilling and Arnopp covered in Waipouri’s blood. The men must believe in miracles, because they’ve claim to be “not guilty”.