Queer Cheers and Jeers For London Mayor’s Pride Appearance

Mayor Boris Johnson channeled Brokeback at this weekend’s gay pride march in London. While most politicians garner praise for their pride appearances, Johnson suffered some mixed reviews:

Johnson sported a pink cowboy hat as he led a Gay Pride parade through London, drawing boos along the way from some who remembered his past doubts about civil partnerships.

But others at Saturday’s annual march say they are reserving judgment, to see what Johnson does as mayor.

Johnson’s dubious gay politics included comments worrying that gay unions would lead to polygamy and bestial nuptials. Wrote Johnson, ‘I saw no reason in principle why a union should not be consecrated between three men, as well as two men, or indeed three men and a dog.” Those comments came seven years ago and gay activists, like Ben Summerskill of UK’s Stonewall, suggest that Johnson’s adapting to the times.

Besides, he’s only been mayor since May, so the homos should give him a shot.


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  • dizzyspins

    oh please–That’s the kind of comment you’d forgive if someone said it 20 years ago, not just seven. By 2001, gays were mainstream enough that no one, especially a politico, could chalk it up to the times. London gays will have to work with Johnson to get what they want, but i see no reason to applaud him for a token gesture like walking in a Pride parade.

    BTW–does anyone else think he looks just like Matt Lucas from “Little Britain”?

  • CitizenGeek

    You’d think marching in a gay pride parade would show that his ideas on gay marriage have changed … but I guess us gays just love our grudges?

  • bxfresh220

    I almost spit out from laughter the mouthful of champagne I had when I saw him strutting arm in arm with a portly black lesbian leading the parade…my mates rather pervingly pointed out that it he looked MASSIVELY hung in the trousers he was wearing…and atleast he saw fit to give that signature floppy haircut of his a trim. twat.

  • tallskin

    Hmmmm, all the comments above I agree with – however, some things to bear in mind

    1) This is unprecedented for the tories to support gay anything, let alone for a tory mayor to march on gay pride.
    2) the leader of the national tory party, david cameron, sent a message of support to gay pride – so, double to add to point 1)
    3) I have been at the Madrid gay pride and the conservatives here refused to offer any support to gay pride and did NOT march in support or send along a float

    (This is all complicated by the fact that there is a deep division amongst the conservatives in spain, between the party’s liberal and reactionary wings. The mayor of madrid, a conservative, is on the liberal wing and she does support gay pride in madrid – it is due to her support that pride in madrid is so big – cos she knows it brings in loadsamoney. Indeed Pride is the biggest fiesta in madrid nowadays and that is saying something of a city renowned for having a party at the drop of a sombrero !!)

  • Darth Paul

    I luuuuuv fat blondes. (Correct on the Lucas lookeylikey, Dizzyspins…)

  • hells kitchen guy

    what a bubba! (not that there’s anything wrong with that – I likes me my fat blonds, too – it’s masculine, no final “e”) ^^^

  • alan brickman

    Give people a chance to change!! if gays don’t let straights change their opinions about gays then they’ll say why bother, and gays will have no one to blame but themselves…

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