Queer Eye For Kids

queer eye

It is bad enough that us gays have to deal with some ignorant beliefs that we are right up there with those into bestiality and pedophilia. That gay agenda is infiltrating movie theaters across the country thanks to Brokeback Mountain. Now, they’re gonna be claiming that we are coming for their kids.

And guess what? We are.

Those feminine Unkle Toms the Queer Eyes are looking for protégés aged 10-18. Isn’t Jai already underage? Below is the Queer Eye Craigslist posting looking for the five young style makers.

We’re looking to cast five young male talents age 10-18 to act as FAB5 protege’s on an episode of Queer Eye!

If you consider yourself fairly knowledgeable on any of the following fields: food, fashion, grooming, culture or design. Then send us your photo for consideration. This is your chance to strut your stuff and make over one of our straight guys!

If this is not you, but know someone who fits the bill, then nominate him! E-mail us at crodri[email protected]. Include applicants name and phone number.

Keep away from our nieces and nephews, you queens. We’re not scared you’ll turn them gay. We’re scared you’ll suck their souls. (And yes the spelling and grammar mistakes were in the Craigslist posting)