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Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness under fire for suggesting liberals need to be more tolerant of racists

Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye learned the hard way last week why you really shouldn’t engage in political debates with strangers on Twitter.

It all started when the 31-year-old hair stylist took to Twitter to comment on last Tuesday’s primary results:

It was Van Ness’ remarks about coming to “a place of mutual understanding” that got people fired up.

Van Ness responded to the criticism by posting a video further explaining himself.

“I decided to tweet political things today and you know that can go one of two ways,” he said. “Left people are not necessarily inherently evil and right people are not necessarily inherently evil … We have to be able to not demonize the right.”

Unfortunately, this didn’t do much to quiet the twitterstorm.

Eventually, Van Ness came to realize that engaging in political debates with random people on Twitter is futile, comparing the whole thing to “antiobotic resistent stds”:

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