Queer Failure.

“Log Cabin Republicans – the gay Republicans – have failed to congratulate Connecticut on becoming the third state in the United States to recognize the right of gay couples to marry… As of Tuesday morning, even as the Log Cabin Republican website ushered visitors to the group’s pro gay marriage Republicans Against 8 website, which features quotes, bios and interviews of prominent Republicans who oppose Proposition 8 – the November ballot initiative that seeks to forbid gay marriage in California, neither the group’s website nor blog mentioned Connecticut’s historic decision.” [On Top]

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  • JJ

    Maybe there are so few of these gay Republicans that they don’t have the manpower to update their site that regularly.

  • Someone

    OMG! Do you homos find stuff to complain about just for the sake of complaining???!!!! Quit your frickin’ whining!!!!!!!!

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    One must ask: “Are Log Cabin Republicans really a Gay Lobby Group????”

  • gayinsf

    no, SOMEONE, you’re reason enough.

  • emb

    I’ll take the votes against 8 wherever we can get ’em.

    And Someone, WTF are you doing here? So much time on your hands you have nothing better to do than pop into blogs and leave your steamy little droppings? Get a life, dear.

  • ksu499

    I think you are really complaining for the sake of finding something to complain about. Had the legalization of same gender marriage been done by the legislature, then congratulations to any GOP legislators voting in favor of it would be warranted. However, as this was an act of the state’s judiciary, it should be above the whims of politics and political considerations.

  • MsLaReinaDelBarrio

    Log Cabin Republicans have always been about nonacceptance of those who don’t fit into the clean, white, preppie Republican mold. They have internalized homophobia and they can keep THAT to themselves. Watch it Log Cabiners, I may dwell on you next.

    Ms. LaReina

  • Chuck

    Are these people the descendants of Jews for Hitler?

  • Timothy

    I guess that the nutcase who wrote this piece isn’t on Log Cabin’s mailing list. Had he been, he’d have gotten Log Cabin’s excited email joyously reporting the Connecticut court decision.

    Ah, but truth and accuracy wasn’t his point. Nope, it was just an excuse to hate on Log Cabin. And for what?

    Really, does anyone think that Log Cabin, which is fighting so hard FOR gay marriage, wasn’t happy with the Connecticut ruling? Is there anyone that ignorant, naive, or stupid?

    All that happened is that the author, Carlos Santoscoy, looks like he’s clueless and a hater.

    I pity Santoscoy. He’s sold his integrity for the cheap price of a non-story. What an idiot.

  • John

    Not that I’m equating the Log Cabin Republicans to them, but Jewish Nazis aren’t that much of an oxymoron. Some estimates put the number of German Jews fighting for the Fatherland as high as 150,000. Most of these folks had partial Jewish ancestry and were raised as Catholics. And not all German soldiers were committed Nazis. But still, that’s quite a significant number.

    And despite what psychotic Nazi witch-doctors might have us believe, you can’t tell by looking at them. Many Jews are as “white” as any so-called Aryan (e.g. Jake Gyllenhaal, Ben Foster, Daniel Radcliffe).

    People are strange. If they’d fight for a meglomaniac dictator who sent millions of their distant cousins to the gas chamber, then what can’t they justify? But that’s between them and whatever God they believe in.

    As far as the Log Cabiners are concerned, I’ve made no secret of my disagreements with them. I find their opposition to immigrants and “black culture” borderline racist. I believe their tax cuts have harmed the middle class. And their foreign policy is simply wrong, wrong, wrong. But I also think we have a common enemy at the moment. And we’re in no position to reject help from anybody. After Prop. 8 falls, we can go our separate ideological ways. But until then, we need to act as if we’re on the same team (because we are).

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