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Queer guy gets revenge on school bully… by having sex with his dad

Nathan Pearson performs at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, NY
Nathan Pearson performs at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, NY (Photo: YouTube)

A comedy sketch is racking up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. Queer comic Nathan Pearson performed the routine at New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre on January, 16, as part of the ‘Characters Welcome’ solo monologue showcase. It was posted to YouTube on Friday.

In the routine, he plays the role of ‘David’: someone who comes across an old high school bully in the home of one of his sexual conquests. It turns out he’s just had sex with the father of his old tormentor.

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He takes delight in informing his old school chum exactly what he and pa have been doing with one another. Pearson’s facial expressions are nothing short of genius, and it’s worth watching to the end for the punchline.

It uses plenty of not-safe-for-work-language, so watch with discretion!

The fantasy revenge has prompted a huge response, with some sharing their own tales of running into former school bullies.

On Instagram, @vscott333 commented on Pearson’s page, “LOVE THIS!! My high school bully was a girl. She recently was in the front row of one of my drag shows. I threw her a little shade during my performance. At first she was smiling. Then her face changed… lol. and she had no idea who I was.”

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On YouTube, another viewer, @TheOnionQueen, said, “This is so inspirational. New life goal is to find the parents of all the kids that used to bully me for being queer and top them!”

One other said this had actually happened to him.

“I did f**k my bully’s dad. He was also my college professor,” said Judd Palmer. “It’s not like I knew who he was to begin with it was after two weeks he wanted me to meet his son and it turned out to be the homophobic prick that was my high school bully.”

Pearson told Queerty he was surprised at the sketch’s popularity and “how it’s resonating with people!” He said he’d been inspired by his own experiences of being bullied in high school and college.

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