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Hanes underwear company gets a bit questionable with this new ad campaign. Joe of Joe.My.God fame has some questions about this ad’s objective:

The tagline: “Because the world gives you enough labels.” The name of the campaign: “Lipstick”. The ad was created by the Bombay division of McCann Erickson. Strangely compelling image. Is that a dildo? Anybody seen this in American press? I can’t imagine even the gay press allowing the word “faggot” to appear in an ad, but in this context, who knows?

Yes, that is a dildo and, if you look closely, you can see the words “no homophobia,” which seem pretty clear to us.

Your thoughts, readers?

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  • Bitch Republic

    I think that’s pretty lame. It throws in a bunch of lame stereotypes about gay people besides using the word faggot.

  • Shaun Tom

    This is absolutely egregious. If I saw that in a magazine, I would immediately stop reading it. That word does not belong in any sort of media… especially when it’s attached to a man in a noose.

  • p/o

    i don’t get it…

  • Rikard

    I’d like to see a clearer copy of it and study the illustration. It’s not the kind of project an agency would give to a straight designer, or illustrator. It looks to be loaded with subtext and inside jokes. I see a man being choked by a cultural identity constructed from superficial products, a monster born of corporate marketing. The word faggot will make everyone pause and think “can they say that?”. As a side note, I’m a gay man on the masculine side of behaviors and wear Hanes Authentic Hipsters from their womens line. They are like a lot of the low rise, expensive mens briefs, but cheaper than most of them. That’s my little testimonial.

  • Dubwise

    Rikard It looks to be loaded with subtext and inside jokes. I see a man being choked by a cultural identity constructed from superficial products, a monster born of corporate marketing.

  • Mike

    first the Absolut ad with the “in an Absolut World 8 inches” and now this—not sure what’s going on but it seems too cliche to be good creative

  • CitizenGeek

    I think if you drop the penis image, it’s a good ad. Definitely eye-catching, nice message and all that. That word is obscenely offensive to me, and most people (gay or straight) but it works in this context.

    I can’t find where it says “no homophobia”, though …

  • Dawgson

    I totally agree with Rikard. I think this ad is actually really really smart. It’s talking about how the “gay identity” has all this baggage that doesn’t apply to most or all of us.

  • Alacer

    this ad is groundbreaking and very intelligently done. It dares to say all of this and wrap it into this bigger picture that captures a very defining struggle of many gay persons. I find stereotypes even more harmful and annoying than the actual hate because it is my belief that the hate stems from those stereotypes (gays can’t have real relationships, they’re all a bunch of queeny, lipstick wearing, effeminate drug addicts). I applaud Hanes for supporting this ad. I kind of see it as a big “fuck you!” I’ll be who I want to be.

    p.s. – the composition and actual art is also very well done.

  • hisurfer

    It works as art. Joe.my.god just put up links to two more ads: “paki” and “nigger.”

    This looks like something I’d expect to see at an exhibit, or on an agit-prop poster. And I’d defend the artist if I did; the images have a certain power.

    I’m not sure how I feel about this as an advertising campaign. If Hanes were active in fighting racism, phobia, etc. then I’d have fewer issues.

  • Hells Kitchen Guy

    I am sure OUT Magazine & the Advocate will run these ads. They need$$$$


    I am a know-it-all and simply want to say that this is a piece of art that I would have in my studio apartment. If you do not agree I will fail you in my class.

  • Tim

    Love it.

  • Mike

    you can check out other ads with nigger and paki at

    it’s provoking for sure.

  • hisurfer

    Andrew, I’m not No. 13. I know other regular posters have also had issues with people adopting their screen names, then acting like assholes. Are you planning on addressing this ever?

  • Casper Odschild

    Wow… this is a very surprising ad campaign to come from Hanes, arent they a rather conservative brand in terms of marketing?

    Well I guess their marketing head decided those days were over.

    I at least would have hired someone with a less detailed graphic style to hopefully avoid confusion.

    I actually would have hired Siggi Eggerdtson.

  • Edensasp

    I think this ad campaign about leaving labels off and behind is awesome… But I get it…Lots of folks dont.

    It works for me and I am not offended. Oh well… However….The ad didnt make me want to toss my CK’s or Andrew Christians though….

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