Queer Movies Are The New Terrorists

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We knew those easygoing conservatives couldn’t stay quiet about Brokeback Mountain like they originally planned. Now that it’s roping in critic’s awards and Golden Globe nominations they’re getting desperate. And really, really amusing.

Fox News’ Roger Friedman’s piece today is a doozy. Forget Osama, the real enemy attacking America is gay Hollywood.

One of the many gems in the article informs us that “real” men don’t go see Brokeback:

Most of the women I know in the entertainment press cannot stop raving to me about “Brokeback Mountain.”

“It’s so sensitive,” one said. “I cried,” several others have said.
So far, no straight men have reported back about the movie. But gay friends, of course, love it, love it, love it.

Friedman goes on to suggest other movies people should see in place of Brokeback Mountain and then proceeds to attack the credibility of the Golden Globes themselves. Can we really trust the Hollywood Foreign Press?

Steve Martin’s ‘Gay’ Prediction Materializing [Fox News]