Queer Nation vs Wall Street Re: Russian Abuse


Get this: it turns out that there is more you can do to protest conditions for gays in Russia than just switching your brand of vodka. You can actually go out and protest on the street, in real life, just like they used to do in olden days!

The New York Stock Exchange is in need of a little culture-jamming for a wide variety of reasons, but for now let’s just focus on their lousy idea to promote “Russia Day,” a celebration of the country in which monstrous state officials are permitting/promoting the torture and killing of gay and lesbian citizens.

Of course, this event is all about promoting economics and trade, so there’s no discussion of Russia’s civil rights abuses at the NYSE. At least, there won’t be until Queer Nation (still around and still relevant, bless their hearts) shows up.

They’re planning to stage a protest on Monday, the 18th, at 3:15pm in front of 26 Wall Street. In response, the visiting Russian dignitaries will probably just slip in through the back door and totally ignore the protest. That’s fine, whatever, not every protest needs to be a direct confrontation. The big question is: will Queer Nation get their action on the news, and force discussion of the issue in the media? Only time will tell.

According to Queer Nation:

In response to pressure by activists, including Queer Nation, Goodwin Procter, LLP, a U.S. law firm; James R. Silkenat, the president of the American Bar Association; and the Office of the Mayor of the City of New York all ended their association with a separate forum promoting U.S. investment in Russia that was to be held at the Midtown offices of Goodwin Procter, also on November 18.

Hmm that sounds maybe a little dubious? Like, how do they know it was in response to pressure, and not just because someone forgot to book a conference room?

Either way, this could go down as one of those moments that elevates a crisis to public attention. Or it could be a fizzle. We’ll find out on Monday!

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  • Kangol

    Glad to know Queer Nation is on this.

  • fagburn

    Be good if the new “Queer Nation” bothered to do anything to help LGBT people in the US…

  • Clarknt67

    Nothing dubious at all about the claim that activists persuaded Goodwin Procter to dump the conference.

    If Queerty was skeptical they could have spent 10 seconds with the Google machine to research what Goodwin Procter’s own spokesperson said about the cancelled conference to real news outlets: “Recently, several troubling issues, including the Russian government’s anti-gay policies, were brought to our attention…Based on these concerns, we reached a decision [Monday] night that we could not provide space or support for the event and communicated that to The Russian Center.”

    I know you were rushing off to shill more Russian vodka, but put a little effort in.

  • tallskin2

    FAGBURN??? Seriously?? did you just say what I thought you just said?

    Let’s take a look shall we?

    “Be good if the new “Queer Nation” bothered to do anything to help LGBT people in the US…”

    yes, you said it.

    Let me open the book marked “fagburn’s activities on behalf of the LBGT people anywhere.” What do we find? Oh yes, blank pages.

    Fagburn does nothing for gays anywhere, apart from carp and criticise the campaigning work of others. he sits in his dingy fetid little bedsit in Brighton and makes nasty comments about other people who actually do something.

    How about doing something, Fagburn? Could you do that?

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