Queer Rapper/Producer Le1f Performs “Wut” In Network TV Debut

le1f-lettermanNYC queer rapper/producer Le1f made his network television debut on the Late Show last night, inspiring what will hopefully become the rap industry’s answer to its lack of LGBT visibility.

After several years building a fan base in the NY club scene, on YouTube, and across social media, 24-year-old Le1f — real name Khalif Diouf — is enjoying newfound mainstream fame after signing with Brookyn-based Terrible Records. Vogue recently named him “New York’s Hottest Underground Rapper.”

Most recently, Diouf made headlines after suggesting Macklemore’s summer anthem “Thrift Shop” had sampled his catchy single “Wut”, the song he chose to perform on Letterman.

On facing homophobic response to his music, Le1f tells NewsWeek:

NW: Have you faced homophobic responses to your music?

Diouf: I did a lot at first and I still always do. People will have negative responses to everything that a lot of people have positive responses to. A lot of it is just people being anonymous on the Internet, and I don’t care [laughs].

Watch Le1f’s first network television performance below:


Enjoy the climb, Le1f!