Queer Soldier Tells

Private Lawson

Serving your country without even seeing combat can be tough these days. Just ask baby-faced queer private Kyle Lawson. He was beaten and then threatened with a knife once word of his sexual orientation spread around base. He’s now resorted to sleeping in his drill sergeant’s office for protection against any potential homophobic attacks.

But it appears as if he received a warning from an Army recruiter he came out to not long after he enlisted.

Before heading to boot camp, Lawson said he leveled with his recruiter, who told him “everything would be fine” as long as he stayed in the closet.

Well it seems like Lawson has no one but himself to blame for this mess! If he had only kept quiet, suppressed his natural urges, and made fag joke after fag joke along with the other homophobic recruits then everything would have been just dandy.

Yeah, makes sense. Right.

Gay soldier leaving Army after assault at Fort Huachuca Arizona [Arizona Daily Star]