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These queer writers are giving voice to our diversity one word at a time

After decades of being relegated to the "queer" section of the bookstore, usually on a dusty bottom shelf in a dark back corner, more and more LGBTQ writers are having their work recognized and enjoyed by mainstream audiences.

Today, these writers are seeing their words reach the tops of bestsellers lists, be optioned for TV series and movies, and celebrated with the world's most prestigious literary prizes.

We've compiled a short roundup of some of our more prideful writers for pride season--some newcomers, some more established--who are making an impact in the literary world and serving as a voice for generations of queer people.

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Adam Silvera

Adam Silvera is a bestselling queer young adult author. His debut novel More Happy Than Not was published in 2015 when he was just 25 years old. Since then, he’s written three more novels and launched a trilogy called The Infinity Cycle. His stories often deal with themes of coming of age, coming out, identity, and relationships, all told through his unique lens as a gay Latino millennial.

In the last couple of years, Silvera’s work has gained Hollywood notice. His fourth novel, co-authored with Love, Simon author Becky Albertalli, is currently being developed into a movie. Meanwhile, his book They Both Die at the End is being developed into an HBO series, and More Happy Than Not is being turned into a series by HBO Max.

In a January 2020 interview with Publisher’s Weekly, Silvera said:

I’ve been writing since I was 11. It almost feels like I should have more books published, but I’ve known since I was in high school that I wanted to publish a book. I had a goal to be a published author by 25 and my first book came out five days before my 25th birthday. It’s almost arrogant. I never doubted that I’d publish a book, but I own that now: it was pure early 20s ego that got me through. I think you need some ego as a writer—or at least I did. So, I always knew that I’d publish a book and what has surprised me the most has been the success I’ve found. I am so eternally grateful for that.

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