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The queerest things coming to Netflix in May 2022

Ben is Back

May has arrived, and with it, a whole bunch of new (and archival) content on Netflix. We’ve done a quick overview of the queerest and queer-adjacent programming we’re looking forward to streaming this month. Now, prepare to set your watch lists…

I Am Divine (Now Streaming)

Director Jeffrey Schwarz’s fabulous documentary about the drag icon offers no shortage of laughs and general outrageousness. Anyone who has ever seen Drag Race should check it out.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (May 1)

The film that put gay actor Kal Penn on the map and helped Neil Patrick Harris make a comeback makes a comeback of its own. Suitable for watching with or without sliders.

Jackass 1, 2, 3 & Forever (May 1)

Johnny Knoxville and company pull off some of the most ridiculous feats we’ve ever seen on celluloid. And yes, they make us scream with laughter every time.

Corpse Bride (May 1)

Ok, so it’s not exactly queer, but an animated movie about forbidden love–in this case, with a corpse–deserves attention, especially when directed by Tim Burton.

The Circle: Season 4 (May 4)

The social media-based reality show returns for another outing, bringing with it all kinds of deception, catfishing, and manipulation. Every time we watch, we want to stay off dating apps for a good while. Maybe that’s not a bad thing.

Meltdown: Three Mile Island (May 4)

Anyone obsessed with the Chernobyl disaster won’t want to miss this new docuseries that chronicles the US equivalent. It’s a breathtaking reminder of what happens when cutting costs overshadow safety.

Cyber Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror (May 18)

True crime fans will relish this new series about law enforcement tracking down sex offenders and traffickers via the web. Spoiler alert: pizza restaurants and politicians are not involved.

Ben Is Back (May 20)

Lucas Hedges and Julia Roberts star in this quiet drama about a mother (Roberts) trying to help her addict son (Hedges) get clean. Both actors received a fair amount of Oscar buzz for their work suggesting that even if they didn’t get the nominations, this movie is worth a look.

My Little Pony: Make Your Mark (May 26)

We know some of you are counting down the days until this latest entry in the ongoing franchise of colorful, fashionable ponies. We’re not going to judge.

Stranger Things S4 (May 27)

Mark the calendar now: the juggernaut series comes back (bringing with it newly out character Robin) tying the world of Eleven, Will and the Upside Down in with mid-80s Cold War tensions. Last season ended on a cliffhanger which saw Chief Hopper (David Harbor) marooned in Russia and Eleven’s powers inhibited. We can’t wait to see what happens next.