SUNDANCE: Kyle Henry and Carlos Treviño Talk About Their Tearoom-Trade Farce, “Fourplay: Tampa”

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Last night at Sundance, we chatted up filmmakers Kyle Henry and Carlos Treviño, partners in life and creative endeavors, about their hilarious new short “Fourplay: Tampa,” which Henry directed and Treviño wrote.

Its one of a four-part series the men have produced that explores different facets of sexuality in America (each short is named after the city it’s set in). Michael Stipe, who’s executive producing the entire “Fourplay” anthology, say it “illustrates America’s puritanical wake-up call.”

“Tampa” follows a Charlie Brown-type who goes to a bathroom looking for a Larry Craig action—but is too embarrassed by his meager endowment to seal the deal. As he sits alone in the stall, a progressively raunchier orgy evolves around him, with participants ranging from gay Hitler and orthodox Jews to a drag Marie Antoinette.

Our conversation with the duo covers a lot of territory—from Stipe’s involvement in “Fourplay” to how many dildos were used in the production (a lot) to whether or not there should be more gay sex in Hollywood films. (Um, yes?)

If you’re curious about “Tampa,” go to its Kickstarter page and donate $10 get access to the full video. Or can click here for the NSFW trailer.