Enemies Not Feeling Talkative

Queers Focus On Communication

Denver-based musician James Roy and his pals have some serious balls.

The gay activists took a tour of Focus on The Family’s “Welcome” Center last weekend in hopes of starting a dialogue with the anti-gay group and its evil leader, James Dobson.

In a personal letter to Dobson, James Roy wrote about his own commitment to being a positive impact in the lives of others. “I think it benefits us to reflect on what we have in common….I am here today to take a tour to better understand you and invite you to the possibility of dialogue.”

In the spirit of the nonviolent teachings of Gandhi and King, each participant left a single yellow rose for Dobson to symbolize their desire for dialogue.

Unfortunately, the kids didn’t know that James Dobson sucks the life out of everything around him and used the roses to recharge his black heart. They did learn, however, that Dobson likes James Brown, a known black man. Madness!

Watch the groups video take here.