Queers Protest Bounty Killer

Anti-gay singer Bounty Killer probably wants to kill some gays right about now. Like Beanie Man and Buju Banton before him, Killer’s concerts have been felled by the fagalas. From the ever-ready Peter Tatchell’s celebratory press release:

Bounty Killer, has had two of his three UK concerts canceled in the last week, following a campaign by the gay human rights group OutRage!

His concerts in Bradford and Birmingham were axed, losing him thousands of pounds in performance fees.

In Germany, Bounty Killer’s performance in Essen was canceled and other German concert dates are now in doubt.

The Outrage! campaign extends all over Europe, including France and Belgium.

Bounty Killer previously boasted that the gays would be no match for him. He obviously underestimated the lavender set’s determination.

One of the British clubs, however, claim the Outrage! protest had nothing to do with the concerts’ cancellations, but because Killer missed his flight from Jamaica. They’re now trying to reschedule the contentious event.