Queerty ♥ Rumsfeld!!!!

The American military has been making war on more than Iraq lately. Universities have been targeted by representatives of the armed forces looking for fresh young meat. Many schools, however, object to the presence of the recruiters due to the infamous ‘Don’t Ask, Just be a Belle’ policy, or whatever it’s called.


Things are all balled up in the courts, with the universities claiming the military’s policies violate their own non-discrimination policies. The Solomon Amendment is a law which allows the feds to stop funding universities that won’t permit the military to get its disgusting old murderous hands on the sexy students. It got struck down by the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last November; W. has appealed to the Supreme Court.

Without waiting for the case to be decided, the Pentagon ordered government support to three schools stopped. One was Harvard Law, which promptly caved. Queerty is calling for itching powder to be put in their compacts, by way of commentary. This week, students at UC, Santa Cruz protested ‘Don’t Rim, Don’t Smell’ by staging a gay and lesbian kiss-in near the military booth at a job fair. The day the American military institutes a ‘Don’t Torture, Don’t Kill’ policy will be a fine one indeed.