Queerty And Other LGBT Bloggers Made The Longest It Gets Better Video Ever

When we attended Netroots Nation a few weekends back, Queerty joined 22 other LGBT bloggers (including numerous people of color, a deaf person, and a gent in a wheelchair) to make an It Gets Better video for all those lonely teenage queer bloggers out there. Personally, we wanted a 5-minute version edited down to just the money shots, but instead we all got the long, girthy, and uncut 25 minute version.

Yours truly pops in at 12:26, but the video is basically a who’s who of LGBT bloggers and well worth the watch, especially if you’re a fan of other quality queer blogs. We’ve listed their names and Twitter accounts in order of appearance below:

Markos Moulitsas @markos — straight ally
Pam Spaulding @pam_spaulding
Scott Wooledge @Clarknt67
Tom Torres @_floatingworld
Evan Haliburton @evanhaliburton
Viktor Kerney @wondermann5
Mark Snyder @ColageNational
Jason Haas @jasonlhaas
Zack Ford @zackford
Andy Szekeres @AndySzekeres
Cynthia Wright @cynisright
Noah Baron @noahbbaron
Joe Sudbay @JoeSudbay
Phil Reese @ReallyPhilReese
Christopher Edwards @xtopher1974
Daniel Villarreal @hispanicpanic79
Alvin McEwen @holybullies
Carlos A. Quiroz @CarlosQC
Jake Weinraub @jakeweinraub
Mel England @melengland
Scottie Thomaston @indiemcemopants
John Aravosis @aravosis
Michael Rogers @MichaelRogersDC
Ian Finkenbinder @OneAngryQueer