Queerty Approved: Queer History Project


Most of us know what “Stonewall” was. But how many know all the events that led up to that West Village confrontation? Much frustration I hear coming from an older generation of gay men and women (many of who lived through Stonewall) is that younger gays have no connection with the community’s history, little knowledge of our civil rights struggle, and even less desire to learn. That’s where the Queer History Project comes in.

Targeted to Vancouver, Canada (but hopefully planning to grow beyond that border), QHP hopes to record the lives that came before ours — to record the names of history’s heroes and everyday gays. (We particularly like this piece.) Born out of the non-profit Out On Screen (which produces the Vancouver Queer Film Festival), QHP marries the web’s democratization of information with our endless appetite to learn. [Queer History Project]