Queerty Hearts Heath Tucker: Young, Spirited & Actually Doing Something for Gay Rights

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We’ll have seconds of Heath Tucker, please. We love nothing more than seeing young gays being proactive, knowledgeable of the roots folks like Harvey Milk laid out, and acting on it. You don’t need to be part of Gay Inc. to change minds, and Tucker is proof. After Prop 8 passed, he recognized an opportunity to mobilize. It started with his inner circle and, thanks to the magic of things like Facebook, ballooned into thousands of netroots activists following his lead. It’s the mini networks like Tucker’s that will drive change on the ground. We love that he wants to be a leader. We love that he wants to carry the torch. We love that he wants to enact change. And we love that he’s so humble about his efforts. We thank him. (via OurSceneTV)