Back from the dead

Queerty is coming back!

You heard us right, after a few weeks of downtime, Queerty will soon return as the one place you need to turn each day. Stay tuned for more news next week. We’re working as fast as we can to get things back up and running.

In the mean time, we’ve put the archives back up and would love to hear your tips.

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  • Ryan

    The archives are so important…Please know that even if your site is not as profitable as a major outlet or net-hub, it’s an important source for all the gay stuff. I had dozens of pages bookmarked and totally freaked out when the site went down.

    Will you explain what happened…and why you said you where done? Only to come back? ’cause I only checked back on an instictive whim. Tons of people are just going to assume your sites down and not come back.

    Please give us a proper warning of an impending shut-down if this happens again….Glad your back. :)

  • Hyhybt

    Glad I put off deleting y’all from my RSS list!

    What sort of “technical headaches,” though, could be so bad that a well-established site would shut down rather than fix them?

    Thanks for coming back.

  • U mad /b/?

    Damn, I was happy to finally be free of Davey Wavey posts!

  • Hyhybt

    Just because the posts are here doesn’t mean you have to read them. (I don’t.) Actually, that goes for the entire site, and any other site for that matter.

  • jc

    thank goodness. i missed queerty! although less davey wavey would be appreciated.

  • Sam

    I can’t wait to find out what dumb schmuck bought this thing off of David Hauslaib.

  • Steve

    I trust the new sysadmin will actually be checking the RAID sets for failed disks, and that the fans are operating. A report that includes hardware status (and backup dates) should be cron’ed and distributed by email, also, so that several people can see it each day.

  • ron

    That’s good. Joe My God is disgusting extreme far-left , and Towleroad is boring.

  • divkid

    YAY! YAY! YAY!
    …and the snark returnz! (i’m sooo bored of playing nicey nice)

    omg it’s like when the dark side rebuilds the death star.

    queerty, i didn’t realise how much i loved you till you where gone. so unique.

    so hurry up and get back to doin’ your thang bitch. (hopefully now conversant with the concept of spellchecker lol)

    BTW I TAKE CREDIT FOR THIS — i prayed to satan.

  • Dennis

    Thanks for coming back!!! Missed you.

  • Joe Clark

    Your first post will have to explain, in detail and without holding anything back, why you went offline in the first place. Name names. It’s called journalism.

    Now, your failed business model, failed technology, failed graphic design, and even failed spelling will surely not be remediated even after this supposed relaunch.

  • Shannon1981

    OMFG! I cannot believe how lucky we are! Today is a good day.

  • Shannon1981

    Divkid, thanks so much for coming to tell me!

  • Spike

    And no sooner is it announced that you are back, there is a Davey Wavey post. Ick.

  • divkid

    my peasure.
    now all i want is jeffree, cam, justice ..,scottny et al, then it will feel like home.

    please NOBODY tell davy wavy
    and if if jason calls pretend we’re all out.

  • Ryan

    I already posted but I just noticed something …..was that ‘gaycast’ add up there before the site went down? Someone mentioned that someone could have bought Queerty to get it back up.
    Is this going to slowly turn into a gaycast gateway now?

  • Shannon1981

    @DivKid I haven’t heard head nor hair of justice or jeffree! *sigh*

    Do you know if they had Queerty on twitter or FB??

  • Lefty

    Best. News. Ever!
    Welcome back, Queerty! xxxxxx

    great news about the archives too :)

  • Jon

    Great news! Love the site.

  • PerplexedStudent

    Welcome back.

  • PerplexedStudent

    Welcome back.

    Ah, an error while trying to post this. It just wouldn’t be Queerty without server issues.

  • Martin

    I was hoping this would happen. So glad Queerty will be back!

  • davygee

    Missed you loads for all my gay gossip – you’re a great resource so ignore the criticism and go for it!

  • divkid

    dear mysterious queerty overlords,

    whatever you do please DON’T mess with the format, i love the little horizontal window thingies and the vertical window doodahs. it’s much easier to navigate than other blogs. yes it could do with a bit of a make over but that can wait; the writing is the main thing, so concentrate on that.

    at all costs you MUST keep the sass/snark – if this hiatus has taught us anything it’s that yours is a unique voice. you’ve got that irreverence, healthy disrespect for the party line, iconoclasm thing goin’ on. thats your USP. keep being that badass little brother with an attitude problem.

    however, your detractors are right about the quality of your journalism. my god it was minimal. you need to up your game, turn up the smartz. and if you get yo’ shizz together i know this bad boy WILL succeed.

    ha ha what a delicious revenge on those gloating a-holes who were dancing on your grave (some of those pricks slagging this site and it’s readers were frequent commenters here too. two faced much. it was sickening watching you kissing the asses of joe j and andy t you sycophantic twats.)

    long live queerty and all who sail in her.

  • Amaturus

    I’m glad to hear it. I started visiting Queerty as I was growing up in Oklahoma. All the other gay news sources were a bit grating to me, but Queerty helped me connect to the gay community in a way I couldn’t back home. Now that I’ve become independent and moved to Germany, I still like visiting Queerty to read about stuff happening in the states. Here’s to a quick recovery!

  • divkid


    i don’t recall seeing their names there :(

    maybe they’ll sense a disturbance in the force and find the way back home to the dark side.

  • Mikey S

    Did you not read the response to your shut down on the other blogs? No one really wants you back. The fact that you were going to shut down was celebrated.

    If you insist, however, please find some better writers and loose the attitude and awful agendas that target many gay allies rather than celebrate them.

  • Jimmy

    Thankfully. Towleroad is a douche site re-hashing stories with no original content.

  • scott ny'er

    @divkid: If ur talking about me, divkid. I’m here. :) I just clicked onto the Queerty link by accident to see what’s what and lo and behold. Hmmmm. I want details also.

    I did miss Queerty. I’m ashamed to say. I’m hooked. And Queerty does cover LGBT rights stories (bashings, politics, pride events, outings, hypocritical anti-gay peeps getting caught doing gay stuff) that other sites don’t.

    I’d read Towelrode but an all black site makes my old eyes sore. LOL.

  • divkid

    @scott ny’er: ‘course i meant you. welcome back superstar.

    i’ve been reading towleroad too, but now i think i’ve fulfilled my quota of interest in cute spiders or giant jellyfish FOR A FUCKING LIFE TIME!
    unless it’s a gay jellyfish natch.

  • scott ny'er

    @divkid: LOL. It’s all good if u didn’t… I know I had started seeing some posts from a ScottNY and so I wasn’t sure if that’s the dude you meant. Plus, I don’t post that often. Well, at least I think I don’t. :)

    Ha. When I posted my previous post, I got an internal server error. Apparently, that hasn’t changed… yet.

  • Benjamin

    @scott ny’er: Amen to that. I am professional web software developer and I went so far as to create a custom stylesheet for Towleroad so that it could become readable. White body copy text on a black background. Don’t do it. Just don’t. Ever.

    Happy to see Queerty back. This was among the top destination websites I hit everyday, and I missed it when it was gone. Though to be fair, it did force me to find a few new places to go for LGBT news, so that was a bit of a silver lining. Cheers guys!

  • Shannon1981

    @divkid: Well on fb people tend to use real names, and I’ve no idea what justice’s real name is…assuming jeffree is jeffree…

  • dvlaries

    Please do not ‘go out of business’ again without at least putting some suggestions of worthy competitors in your goodbye message. It’s been a miserable couple of weeks without you.

  • Dick

    glad I didn’t delete my link

  • Dick

    I would like to see the old format return. I never did warm up to the last layout.

  • Chris

    YAA!!!!!!!!!!!! This made my week! I was so sad when Queerty went offline. Welcome back! =)

  • mmmexperimental

    I just couldn’t bear it. You’re part of my news groups. I kept coming back checking my rss feeds. Also, I wondered if you wouldn’t come back seeing as how you kept the ads at the top of the page. I thought that was a little weird if you were really going gone! Its all part of the gay news groups. Each site has a little bit to get you over. Gotta have the snark to check the sweetness overload from the other sites.

  • jon

    Good! You and are my two stops every day on the gay information highway.

  • rodca

    Welcome back Queerty!

    Some friendly suggestions, since you have some downtime before your re-launch:

    1. Buy a good spell and grammar checker.
    2. Contact Rupaul for some snark lessons
    3. Give Davey Wavey a weekly column

    OK, you can forget number 3

    Seriously, welcome back.

  • Nathan

    Glad Queerty will be back; though I don’t think much of the journalism the comments section is always lively and that’s what keeps me coming back. As for news, I’ll probably stick with Towleroad.

  • JKB


  • redball

    @Nathan: Amen, Nathan. Although I’m sometimes not sure if journalism or gossip is the goal of Queerty. Perhaps some maverick combination of the two :-)

  • jeremy

    omfg im soo happy right now! i luv queerty, i read the post everymoring with my breakfast lol yay!!!!!!!

  • Jeffree

    Welcome back Queerty, you’ve been missed! Really. “No one else compaaaares to u [think Sinead O’Connor video- single tear falling down face.]

    After the shutdown, I kept searching Twitter, hoping for updates & VOILA there was the good news after i’d almost given up.

    @Divkid & @Shannon1981: Soooo dang happyglad to see you ! Hope others will return too. [And that a few others won’t, let’s be honest !]

  • D-litte

    So I’m sorta unsure how I feel about this, on one hand yay you guys are back… on the other great now I can hear more about how Lady Gaga secretly hates the gays because she wants to make a living off a deal with Target as well as see more videos of Davey Wavey and groan inducing articles about kurt from glee… On the whole though congrats

  • Dollie

    Thank god!! Truly is Easter season- Queerty has risen! Welcome back. :)

  • Avenn

    A true Easter resurrection for Queerty. Now, if only I could have my reserections with Morning Goods.

  • Shannon1981

    Hey Jeffree! omg you made it back!

  • dvlaries

    Not a moment too soon: New York Times has decided to start charging again for content after 20 web visits a month.

  • Michael in Toronto

    Yahoo! I missed you muchly! Promise me you’ll never go away again!


  • divkid

    oh praise thee sweet jesu.
    jeffree your alive and well!!! i clutch you to my manly bosoms
    (don’t struggle or it’s the chloroform)

  • declanto

    I am soooo glad you’ve done that Easter turn-around! I’m even glad to see Jeffree! Where are the really evil-tongued bitches? Oh, and Plays Well??? And oh, Ewe!

  • declanto

    I am soooo glad you’ve done that Easter turn-around! I’m even glad to see Jeffree! Where are the really evil-tongued bitches? Oh, and Plays Well??? And oh, Ewe! Ahh! a server error from

  • declanto

    Word press…??? Why is this so difficult?

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Thank God! I have missed Queerty and the regulars here so damned much 8^)

    I’ve been reading Towleroad and hating every minute of it.

    And to all the queer blogs that were happy to see Queert down–suck it!

  • valentine ghost


    the good-bye message sounded so hopeless, glad to have this back

  • eL89

    So Glad this site is back online.. Love this site so much’o :D

  • declanto

    Sooo nice to see the Morning Goods again!

  • TheRealAdam

    Well, this is interesting. I don’t know whether to be happy or annoyed at this news. But…

    @Jeffree: So nice to see you, cuttlefish.

    @Shannon1981: Hi Shannon :).

  • LAboy

    “I can’t wait to find out what dumb schmuck bought this thing off of David Hauslaib.” … hmmm I do not think David got anything but a kick in the butt out of this deal lol and seriously this only thing this guy is known for it online failures.

  • Von Johannstein

    Thank you queerty for coming back! This is by far my favourite source for gay news and gossip!
    (Tried getting into towleroad and afterelton, but they just weren’t as appealing)…

  • jason

    This is wonderful news about Queerty coming back. The reason why I like Queerty is because it allows non-PC speech. If you go to many of the Gay Inc websites, they all tend to censor that which doesn’t follow the PC Gay Inc line.

    The only way that we are going to win full equal rights as gay people is to be fearless in how we speak. That doesn’t mean being ignorant or prejudiced. Ignorance and prejudice never won anybody over to our cause. However, if a comment is informed by the facts, it should be stated and not censored. If we step on people’s toes in the process, so be it.

    We have to learn that if we avoid speaking out of fear of stepping on people’s toes, our path to full equality will become very narrow indeed.

  • damendo

    Glad to see you guys will be back online. Its boring down here in TX and we need some good NY snarky bitches!

  • Most

    Hi. I live in Wales and just happened on your site. I will be interested to see what happens in the near future. From the comments above it looks like you had a very entertaining and informed place to visit until you closed down. I am looking forward to seeing what the site is like when it is back to full strength.
    Good luck guys

  • divkid

    @Most: hey, i’m in wales too. jeez, talk about standards dropping, they’re letting ANYBODY join this site ;-P

  • Cam

    Congrats! I think it is so important to have a space that is a clearing house of gay news. Glad to have you guys back!

  • the crustybastard

    Hurray, Queerty. I knew you were too evil to stay dead!

  • declanto

    @jason: Such a pleasure to agree with you 110%. For a change :-)

  • TomMc

    Yay! Great news: I’ve yet to have found a gay blog as comprehensive as Queerty. Very happy you’re getting back online!

  • Trent

    Im in Burkina Faso!!! I rely on you to keep me updated. I will be quite happy when you are back up and running!!!

  • Jamie



    THANK SWEET F*CK YOU ARE COMING BACK. Towleroad just didn’t cut it for me, srsly.

    Plus the format was great, the snark was great, the breadth was great.

    I’m in Brazil, and also rely(ied) on queerty, all the goddam time!

    Woo- f*cking -hoo!!


  • Josh

    so glad Queerty is back on! missed u.

  • Kev C

    Queerty is the most influental gay blog on the internet. And when it returns, Huffington Post will die. I can stand JMG and it’s antique bitches. I can stand Pam’s Blend of folksy bumpkins. But HuffPo must die.

  • TimBo

    My morning cup of coffee just didn’t quite cut it! Thank god your CUMMING BACK!

  • DJ

    WOOHOO! Missed you queerty!

  • declanto

    BTW do you really need the Salvation Army ad monies??? These peeps hates us mo’s.

  • Lefty

    The new design is GREAT!
    Similar to the old, but much tidier, more subtle.

  • Bill Perdue


  • Lucas

    Nice to see the site back! The comments sections are always a riot to read, no matter how crappy the posts get!

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