Queerty Makes Passes At Hot Guys Who Wear Glasses. Do You?

Maybe its because we’re nearsighted, but there’s something extra-sexy about a guy with glasses on.

They can totally change his look, depending on the style—from John Lennon’s psychedelic frames to Johnny Depp’s black rims to Robert Downey Jr.’s tinted spec at right.

And, of course, there’s the whole Clark Kent/Superman thing when he takes them spectacles off—say, to lean in for a smooch. Honestly, we never understood why four-eyes got picked on in school. agrees with our love of glasses-wearing hotties: they pulled together a slideshow of celebrities, models and other gorgeous men in a variety of eyewear. This is why we’re totally against Lasik.

What do you think: Glasses, yea or nay? Vote in the comments!




Photo via David Torcivia