Queerty PSA: Don’t Fall For Andrology (Or Any Get Thin Quick Scheme)

The “board certified plastic surgeon” who created (or at least agreed to put him name on) the topical gel Andrology should be taken out back and … stripped of his license. Andrology FBFM (that’s “Fat Burner For Men”) supposedly “shrinks and reduces” things like love handles, beer guts, belly fat, man boobs, and chest fat. Just like vitamin supplements sold during late night infomercials will make your penis bigger! They’ve even got an authoritative looking chart and all kinds of explanations of the benefits of guarana, green tea extract, and bitter orange extract. None of which, despite the method being “clinically proven,” is likely to do you much good. (And which marketing genius came up with a brand name that sounds just like “androgyny,” which this product’s target audience likely doesn’t want to identify with?) Ready for the real secret to losing weight that you don’t have to apply to your muffin top?

Stop eating so much, and start exercising.

Andrology charges $55.00 for a six-week supply; our advice is free. Shipping included!

Now, this is our favorite of the two Andrology spots, because it exploits our own self-hatred — when you’re thinner, you’re more confident!