Queerty Query: Alexis Stewart

alexis stewart

We fell in love with Alexis Stewart the minute we saw her on Martha Stewart: The Apprentice. She’s got her mother’s beauty and strength and is unafraid to say “whatever” is on her mind. Recently, Alexis hooked up with Bradford Shellhammer and told us about The Apprentice, her Sirius radio show, and that time when Martha washed a Mercedes with Comet.

Hi Alexis. Tell us how you got involved in with Sirius Radio and your show “Whatever?”
At the urging of MSLO’s Board Chairman Charles Koppelman, it was in the back of my mind for a few months before I met Jennifer Koppelman Hutt, Charles’ daughter. We became instant friends and the dynamic between us seemed perfect for “Whatever.” With the launch of the Martha Stewart Living Sirius Channel 112, we had the perfect place to give all those Martha fans a laugh or two and a bit of irreverence during the middle of the day.

You mentioned on your show that you’ve experimented with lesbianism. How was it?
As many homosexuals like to say, your preference is not a choice – I happen to be hetero…

You realize that every gay man in the country envies you. They all wish they were Martha Stewart’s daughters. Can you explain The Gays love for your mom?
Many gay men seem to be more creative than most men in general, and they love a strong, intelligent, and beautiful woman…so I guess the combo of sexy and competent, strong and creative really appeals to “The Gays”.

After the jump Alexis discusses The Apprentice and her love of KMart.


We loved your mother’s Apprentice. And we loved you the most. Did you have fun with the show?
I liked everyone who worked on the show – but the tasks and rewards were not very relevant to MSLO, the contestants were not the most creative or intelligent, and there was LOTS of “hurry up and wait.” I did not feel comfortable spending time with the candidates and then criticizing them harshly in the conference room… the set up was very restrictive and false, especially in the conference room where we were seated at an awkward angle, far from the table, in a freezing cold room and then told to act naturally. I didn’t feel that my sense of humor was appropriate for the show – although I may have been mistaken.

Are you happy with Dawna being picked as the Apprentice?
I think Dawna was by far the best candidate for the job and think that we are lucky to have her working for us.

How did Jim get so far on the show?
Jim pretends to be more of a lunatic then he really is…he is actually very talented and a hard worker, and he was never shy about giving each task his all – more than can be said for many of the other candidates.

Have you ever taught your mom a new recipe?
Sure, I turn my mother onto recipes and other ideas all the time.

Your mom’s made a career out being a perfect homemaker. I’m sure, as her daughter, you have some good stories that might suggest otherwise. Dish away, sweetie!
Ugh, back to that – she never claimed to be the perfect homemaker…she just offers everyone the opportunity to learn something – and shows people the right way…they can do with it what they want. She makes mistakes just like everyone else…given more time I am sure I might think of some good stories…off the top of my head I can tell you she washed an entire Mercedes Benz sedan with Comet.

Do you feel a responsibility to pull off that domestic image yourself?
Nope, although I am VERY proud of my mother, I have always been “me.”

Seriously, you don’t get your sheets at KMart do you?
I don’t usually buy my sheets at KMart, but I do get LOTS of stuff for the garden and kitchen there…and the holiday stuff is AMAZING – I never leave KMart without a giant cart full of Martha stuff.

You are a vegetarian and you have worked with PETA. What made you stop eating meat?
I went to boarding school and the meat was inedible, so it all started there…I just found it to be soooo easy NOT to eat meat, and I love the alternatives so much that it has never been a burden…I am far from perfect though, and do wear leather (shoes and bags mostly) and eat dairy products and fish (although I try to choose with the environment in mind).

What are your current projects? Coming back to TV any time soon?
Jennifer and I are often guests on the Martha show, but we are both happy with the radio right now.

Do you read blogs? If so, which?
The pile of magazines and newspapers that I “need” to read is overwhelming…haven’t gotten past it to get into blogs yet.

We read in the Daily News that you pretty much hate Candace Bushnell. What’s that all about?
I have learned over the years to hate reporters, and Candace can take credit for much of that distrust and hatred. I do not like “reporters” that take what one says and twist it to serve their purpose, whatever that purpose might be. She interviewed me for an article she wrote on my mother many years ago, and it was incorrect, untrue, disingenuous, duplicitous, and just generally shitty. She took what I said out of context and helped to further the ridiculous notion that my mother and I did not get along. As a “reporter,” I found her to be nasty and self-serving – she should stick to fiction.

We love your sense of humor and willingness to speak your mind. What does your mom think about that?
I guess she’s getting used to it!

Any message you want to send out to The Gays?