Queerty Query: Andrew Georgiou

Mr. Gisby's Totally Gay Pet Shop

Andrew Georgiou is the the mastermind behind the world’s #1 gay comic strip: Mr. Gisby’s Totally Gay Pet Shop. The Australian artist recently caught up with Bradford Shellhammer and answered some of Queerty’s totally gay questions.

Who is Mr. Gisby and where did he come from?
Randall Seymour Gisby was born in Spain and vilified by a homophobic pit bull terrier at an early age. To cut a long story short, Mr. Gisby vowed to create a safe haven for all creatures great and small…and gay. So with the money he collected from the lawsuit against the pit bull, Mr. Gisby opened his gay animal haven, Mr. Gisby’s Totally Gay Pet Shop.

Tell us about the strip.
The strip started three years ago as a series of bent scribbles and ideas I had for some twisted gay animals. The strip bases itself on one-liners using a variety of gay animals and gags, however there are also seven main characters who are reoccurring and the star players at the pet shop. These include a leather fetish gorilla, dominatrix chicken, bisexual echidna, a tranny-saurus, and a couple of other twisted creatures. Right now Mr. Gisby’s Totally Gay Pet Shop appears in over 100 cities worldwide, so there are a lot of gay animal lovers out there, keeping the strip alive and growing. It’s officially the biggest gay comic in print and very big in Europe in particular.

Can I be in the comic? I make a very gay and very cute cartoon.
Yes you can , so long as you sign a confidentiality clause and agree to play a bisexual / hermaphrodite anaconda with issues.

Where can we catch the strip in the US?
Currently in Qvegas magazine, Word magazine, TWN, Gaytimes, Windy City Times, and of course online at mrgisby.com.

After the jump Andrew talks about bedding models, his dream cast, and his favorite Pet Shop Boys album.


What is your favorite Pet Shop Boys album? Ours is Very, FYI.
I’m a huge fan of Discography and Introspective. When Very first came out it had a funky plastic bubbly cover did it not? My dream is to get the Pet Shop Boys to do a guest voice in our future TV series.

What are your favorite comic strips?
The Far Side is my all time fave, but can I tell you which I hate instead? Staria. I do not get it, it is a continuing saga that lasts 2 seconds. It has been in our local newspaper since 1979 and I can’t cope with it.

Have you had a gay pet?
Yes I have two lesbian dogs, who are servicing each other as we speak. They play a mean game of soccer and are very handy with tools too.


What do you think of Puggles, the Pug/Beagle mix?
I like them, but prefer a Shitzme, it’s a more personalized version of the Shitzu.

Do you read blogs?
I do read blogs. They are less work than novels. I like The Cool Hunter, RuPaul’s blog, Oh La La Paris, and you guys of course. Oh and I like searching homophobic blogs and sending them dirty pictures of myself and a bottle of lube in the mail.

OMG. We want a toy and the Mini? Where can we get those? Hook us up!
OK, the toys are not out yet so in the meantime you have to put a pair of overalls and a mullet on Barbie and hot pants and a strap-on on Ken . They will be out in the New Year as well as a bloody brilliant line of merchandise. As far as the Mini goes, you have to sleep with my agent and we will see.

You worked at DNA magazine. Did you ever do one of the cover models?
I did try, and I’m not saying models are stupid, but they were stupid. I dropped them a line, I made eyes at them, I tried signing, Braille, charades, even Pictionary, but there was very little understanding on their part. So I settled for the centerfold instead and got my braces caught in the staples.

Any plans for TV or film? Who would do the voices?
Big plans for the TV series in 2006. We have outlined the scripts and they are funnier than watching re runs of The Little House On The Prairie on acid. OK, RuPaul has to play Mr. Gisby, if he says no, I’m drugging him and forcing him to do it. I would love to have Heidi Fleiss, Lady Bunny, Kathy Griffin, Silvia Miles, and some of John Waters favorites like Mink Stole in on the act. Perhaps even get the Australian Prime Minister in on playing the closeted camel in episode 24.