Queerty Query: Dangerous Muse

dangerous muse

Dangerous Muse are the homo-electro duo of Mike Furey and Tom Napack and they have both gay boys and straight girls swooning. The fellas took time from rehearsals and prepping their new EP to chat with Bradford Shellhammer about their fans, their photos, and their new record.

The photos on your site are pretty hot. Who shot them and what was the shoot like?
MF: Some of our favorite photos are ones that weren’t intended for press — ones that our friends just took for fun. The black and white ones on our site were shot one night after a bottle of wine. They were captured by Miguel Villalobos and styled by Zaldy (head designer for Gwen Stefani’s clothing line, L.A.M.B.).

Describe your music in 10 words or less?
A piece of us we share with you.

Do you ever read blogs?
MF: Not until recently! There is this really great blog that my roommate told me about called The Hype Machine. It’s great for finding fresh and really random music.

TN: I’m not really into reading blogs. Sometimes I read PopJustice.com. But I will say that Queerty is pretty fuckin’ solid!

What do you have in the works?
MF: We’re in the process of finishing our first album. Over the summer and into early fall, we will be recording many more songs. We plan to have our debut CD release in March 2007. We will be supporting this release with a tour and with promotional and marketing materials domestically and internationally.

Ted Ottaviano produced “The Rejection.” Were you fans of Book of Love?
TN: “Boy” is one of our favorite songs. We have really enjoyed working in the studio with Ted.

MF: Ted Ottaviano is a stellar producer and a perfectionist. We love him. Ted produced all the tracks on our next digital release, “Give Me Danger EP,” coming in August 2006. This new EP will be a collaboration of our first digital release and three new songs. It will also include a radio edit of one of our favorite remixes of “The Rejection.”


dangerous muse

Depeche Mode or New Order?
Depeche Mode.

Erasure or Yaz?

Madonna or Kylie?

Do you have more male or female fans?
MF: It’s hard to say. Our audiences have been a good mix of both guys and girls. Same with our MySpace messages.

TN: We’ve been psyched to see the mix of people who have been writing to us. It’s bizarre sometimes to hear where our music is being played.

Your dream collaboration?
MF: Maybe someday Michael Gondry or Matthew Barney would take a stab at directing a music video for us.

TN: I want to do collaboration with MAC for Dangerous Muse eyeliner.

Any word on new live dates?
We are currently in rehearsals for live one-off events. A list of these dates and locations is maintained on our official website as well as on our MySpace page.

How does being a bi group work exactly? And I mean bi-coastal, of course.
TN: We like flying both ways.

MF: But to be straight, being on separate coasts has been a real pain in the ass…