Queerty Query: Marcela Valladolid

Marcela Valladolid

On Friday we chatted with Ryan Danz, the hottie from Martha Stewart: The Apprentice. Today, Bradford shares his interview with the spitfire Marcela Valladolid, Queerty’s other favorite from the show.

You were the cutest thing on TV this fall. No joke. Have you always been this adorable?
Is this really a question? If it is, thank you so much, but no. I’ve attached a picture of my husband and I when we were 15 and I was his date for some junior high dance. Please check out the unibrow and the metal mouth. And can you tell I’m wearing padded boobies? Ha. That picture was my wedding invitation. You can’t say I don’t have balls.

What was Martha really like?
You either love or hate Martha. I still love her. I think very few people know her well enough to be able to judge her. My dad always says you need at least 15 years to really get to know someone. What I love about her is that she has an incredible presence. The vibe changes when she comes into a room. I respect and admire that her hard work and determination have led to her becoming this empire. She is determined and head strong and unwilling to be swayed by others criticism or opinions even. And you know what? She WAS really nice to me.

So dish. Who did you love? Who did you not love so much?
Who did I love? Ryan saved my life in there. He’s just normal. A lot of the people in the loft were, well, strange. I think I summed it all up when I said, “this competition is not for me.” Some of these guys had the knife ready and couldn’t wait to stab you in the back. A couple of people REALLY enjoyed the Conference Room! I didn’t really dislike anybody.

We had the biggest crush on Ryan. How did you manage to keep your hands off him?
Well, I love Ryan, but he’s just not my type. As much as I always tried and dated about 10,000 guys before I got married, I could never stop thinking about my latin-lovin’-rodeo-riding-sexy-as-hell husband. Ryan is someone I’ll be a friend for life with.

After the jump Marcela talks about her upcoming projects and her gay fans.


Your husband’s pictures on your website have us all jealous. How did you snag that hottie?
Oh he’s even hotter in person, sweetie. He’s the state rodeo champ. If you saw those picture of him on the bull… yum. This may sound strange but he was first my boyfriend in kindergarten (yes, kindergarten). He’s always stood by me. He’s always been so supportive of me. He literally waited for years for me to go around the world and do my thing and explore and when I came back to Tijuana a couple of years ago he said “are you done?” and I said “yes.” So we got married. He’s very macho-Mexican, old school, and traditional. It’s hard sometimes because I’m very Americanized in the sense that I’m very independent. He’s the kind of guy that always wants to take care of me. I’m the kind of gal that NEVER wants to be taken care of. In the end, we balance each other out. By the way, guys hit him on way too often.

What’s your favorite recipe?
I came up with this Chipotle Osso Bucco, which was amazing, but I love cooking traditional Mexican food. Mole, enchiladas, tamales…

What are the five things all good cooks need in their kitchen?
You just need one really. Back in the day, all you needed was a good pair of strong hands! I try to do everything by hand, but here are a few of my favorite things
1. Kitchen Aid Mixer (the big one)
2. Food Processor
3. Chipotles in Adobo (the canned stuff)
4. Delongi deep fryer (I deep fry anything I can)
5. Beer. For cooking, sure. But for drinking always. I always have ice-cold Coronas or the little Millers in the fridge.

What are you currently working on?
Well my friends, the thing with Martha is not quite over yet. It looks like they’re still interested in doing something with me. I can’t really elaborate, but I’ll tell you more in a few weeks. I’m working on putting together a cookbook of traditional Mexican family recipes. My ultimate dream is to have a cooking show on the Food Network (who’s isn’t) and I know if I’m focused and determined it’ll happen someday. It’s all about never letting go of your dreams.


Do you ever read blogs? If so, which?
No time for blogs! I have a 1 ½ year old, remember? With my cooking classes and running around after him the little time I have to myself I use to sleep. I read some stuff when the show started. People were, for the most part, nice to me. But, boy, some of the other contestants got hit hard on Television Without Pity.

Any message in Spanish you’d like to send to our bilingual readers?
Amigos Mexicanos del mundo. Quiero que sepan que nada me da mas orgullo que mis raices, mis principios y mis tradiciones Mexicanas. Unamosnos para cambiar el estereotipo del Mexicano en Estados Unidos y en el mundo. Demostremosle a todo quien quiera saber que podemos competir con lo mejor.

Any message you’d like to send out to your gay fans?
Stay away from my husband. He’s taken. Kidding. To everyone, just peace and love and acceptance. I don’t put labels on people so my message is to everyone just live happy and help others when you can and enjoy every second of life. I know this now that I have a son. Life is too short to worry about silly things…