Queerty Query: Margaret Cho


One of the funniest women alive, we queers absolutely adore Margaret Cho, the world’s premiere fag hag. She’s also hip enough to have joined this blasted blogging phenomenon on her own site. Cho’s just released her fourth concert film, Assassin, and stars in the upcoming self-written gay road trip comedy, Bam Bam and Celeste.

Will you be getting into your rough relationship with ABC for the upcoming All-American Girl DVD commentary?

Yes! And it is actually a great DVD set. It was so surreal watching the thing – after what seems like a lifetime.

Are there any blogs that you surf regularly?

I love Atrios, Buzzflash, Daily Kos.

What do you personally get out of blogging?

It is like a journal entry, and I can reach lots of people very fast!

Are there any things about yourself that you are reluctant to blog about or put into any of your films?

I don’t think so unfortunately.

What is your greatest source of inspiration?

My parents. They came here with $125 in 1964 and they still have it!

After the jump, the fab Ms. Cho dishes about her favorite queenie governor and her humps.

What are your thoughts on Governor Schwarzenegger’s recent veto of California’s Same-sex marriage bill?

That queen can’t possibly really be anti-gay. She is just doing it to please republicans. So over her.


What is the greatest album ever recorded?

Madonna‘s Bedtime Stories. Don’t act like you don’t think so!

What is the greatest book ever written?

I don’t know but it isn’t the Bible!

What is your most prized possession?

My humps!

What is the key to happiness?

Uh – is it happiness?

What’s next for you?

Big book tour, the DVD for Assassin as well as the CD will come out… then Bam Bam and Celeste hits theatres….