Queerty Readers in the News

The San Francisco Chronicle‘s Phil Bronstein wrote about Day Without a Gay and grabbed onto your comments as evidence that the event fizzled. Writes Bronstein:

“I was scheduled off thank goodness as I am ambivalent on this one,” commenter michael posted to the blog Queerty. kid A had a “group presentation (and) I can’t bail on that.” Matt wondered if “porn stars and escorts took the day off?” And Joan figured she could count the day as a “gay day for me: my wife had dental surgery and I had to take her to the dentist’s office then stay home to keep an eye on her.”

“Both my lover and I are self-employed so it would be redundant to call in gay,” wrote mark. Gregoire “came to work but left the gay part at home. I just flirted inappropriately with a bunch of women in my office and turn(ed) up my Dave Matthews Band greatest hits.” austin asked, “Is this the prequel to Gay Without Pay?” and poster leland frances pointedly said, “This is to gay activism what Paris Hilton is to acting.” But we all know commenters can be a little snippy.”

Queerty readers, ‘snippy’? Never.